say hi to_ is always looking for creatives and entrepreneurs with interesting stories to share. We are looking for talented creatives, who fit our aesthetic and are working across a plethora of different disciplines, who remember their humble beginnings and want to share their knowledge with others, who are working on interesting and forward thinking projects and who are open to share their raw and honest story about how they got from A-Z. 

To submit your work, please send a link to your website or a low-res PDF of your work

Due to the volume of submissions we get, we are unable to respond to every one personally but we will be in touch if we would like to feature you!




When making a submission suggestion please choose one of more of the following categories where your story might fit. It will just make up a portion of the interview, here are some topics we are interested in covering.


Foreign Living: If you have lived and worked abroad in the past and want to discuss how that shaped your career, to compare and contrast work cultures, obstacles and inspirations you found abroad.

How it was Made: If you use an innovative process in your craft or would like to show us how you made a specific object or piece of work.

Power Couple: Do you work with a partner, romantic or professional? How does that differ from working alone? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Switched: Did you study mechanical engineering and become a furniture designer? Were you an investment banker turned creative agency owner? We want to hear how you got from one to the other, how you made the big step, what challenges you faced along the way and what knowledge you brought from your last professional experience to your current one.

Traditions: Is your work influenced by or utilizing traditional methods either stemming from old cultural traditions, handicraft traditions or methods passed down to you?

Under 30: If you've reached success and have established a notable career at a ripe age under 30!

Who to Watch: Are you the next up and coming creative talent to watch? Have you recently won an award, contest or landed your first big job? Help us discover and showcase you!