Peeping Space

say hi to_ Galerie Eric Mouchet

I had the pleasure of meeting up with artists Bérénice Lefebvre, Gwendoline Perrigueux and Etaïnn Zwer as well as curator Léo Marin, at Galerie Eric Mouchet in Saint Germain, Paris last week for a chat about their exhibition ‘Peeping Space’.

Léo specialises in bringing together young talent from different disciplines and advises them throughout the creative process to produce playful and thought provoking exhibitions. For ‘Peeping Space’ he brought together three very different up and coming French artists. 

Bérénice Lefebvre uses photography as her visual testimony of urban exploration. Bérénice then brakes up photos and recomposes them; giving rise to a series of altered images. Gwendoline Perrigueux, creates deconstructed household objects using exotism of color and pop art. With this, she creates cheeky and fun minimalistic sculptures. Etaïnn Zwer, an artist wordsmith, adds a verbal and written narrative to the universes of these two artists through the textual, rhythmic and poetic interventions via readings, imaginary “poems”, work in progress quotes on the gallery front window.

July 22, 2016


These French ladies' work were not only sophisticated and playful but perfectly complementary of one another. Having all three of them there to give me a tour and uncover different hidden aspects, layer by layer, added a whole new dimension to the work.

We had fun attempting translating the names of Gwendoline's sculptures such as Polissonne, espiègle et indécise. Let's just say I definitely added a few new words to my French vocabulary next time I need to do a little bit of French dirty talk.


Super keen on up and coming talent showcases and after seeing PEEPING SPACE, we can't see what Léo Marin comes up with next for Galerie Eric Mouchet. We love the concept of the space and the method to which they go about organising exhibitions with their artists. 


Galerie Eric Mouchet
45 rue Jacob
75006 Paris


Exhibition Dates_ June 4 - July 23, 2016