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Robin Stein

say hi to the contributors_ Robin Stein

say hi to_ Robin Stein

Name_ Robin Stein
Location_ New York, NY
Discipline_ Photography

Robin Stein is a New York based photographer, artist and musician. After Graduating from Parsons School of Design his work has gone on to be exhibited and published in a wide range of galleries and publications. 




New York

What is the DNA of New York ?
This city is a combination of so many different origins and identities, there is no singular DNA.  It is all simultaneously clashing and coexisting - It is one of the few places  I've ever lived where you can feel like your in another country in your own hometown.

Best coffee? 
I really like this little coffee shop around the corner from where I live in Bed-Stuy, called Anchor Coffee. 

Best cheap and easy lunch? 
Best and cheapest food in the cities is definitely heading to Crown Heights and exploring all the West Indian restaurants.   Getting Doubles at Little Trini is my favorite. Get full on 2 dollars.

Best place to get a drink? 
For a fancy drink - I like going to Mayfair in Clinton Hill.  For hanging out with Friends: Lover’s Rock in Bed Stuy or Molasses Books in Bushwick.

Best place to have a dinner with friends?
Olea is one of favorite restaurants in town. Great Mediterranean food in Fort Greene. 

Hotel you would stay in if you weren’t from New York?
The Maritime Hotel

Best unknown shop? 
Molasses Books - rad used book store and bar. Also stocks cool self published artist books.  I also love this insane mess of a fabric store in the Hasidic part of Williamsburg that my friend Bunny introduced me to. 

Up and coming talent?
All my friends!!!  Hard to say what is up and coming always - but I’m really stoked on the magazine Riot of Perfume that some friends put out. 

Best place to take clients?
Rarely do I take clients out - usually I’m the one getting taken out…haha.  Though I’d probably take  client to get the amazing minimal Japanese Breakfast at Okonomi. 

Resources to help you with your career (fab labs,  printers, accountants, programs) in your city?
Asking Friends is usually the best resource - otherwise I think The Listings project is a cool resource. 
Organisations like Lower Manhattan Cultural Council are really helpful and supportive of artists. Craigslist.


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