Rene Fietzek

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Name_ Rene Fietzek
Location_ Berlin
Discipline_ Photography

René Fietzek likes to tell stories. However, after studying theater, film, and media in Vienna, he realized there was something that he liked even more: visualizing them. In pursuit of this dream, he continued to study visual communication in Hamburg and finished as a photo designer at Lette-Verein in Berlin. René's stories always have two sides. Without focusing too clearly on either, his photographs are able to reveal both vulnerability and determination, in one glance. Subtly emphasized by a skillful combination of soft shapes and playful patterns, they often display a very natural kind of innocence. It seems that René captures the exact instant before an ideal moment, gently fueling our imagination.



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What is the DNA of Berlin ?
Something messy

Best coffee? 
Bar Italia - Berlin

Best cheap and easy lunch? 
Lavanderia Vecchia | Trattoria italiana

Best place to get a drink? 
Bar 3

Best place to have a dinner with friends?
My living room

Hotel you would stay in if you weren’t from Berlin ?
I think I would go via AirBnB because the good hotels are not in the "good" districts

Best unknown shop?

Up and coming talent in Berlin ?

Best place to take clients?
Joseph Roth Diele

Resources to help you with your career ?
d'mage - Fine Art Prints und High End Scans in Berlin

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