Jelena Stajic

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Name_ Jelena Stajic
Location_ Paris, France
Discipline_ Photography

After 10 years in the fashion world, Jelena now plays with passion in her job as a freelance photographer.

Also passionate about the catering trades, Jelena documents stories, portrait series of her meetings with lovers of cuisine.

She has been collaborating with the french magazine Vivre Paris since 2013. 





What is the DNA of Paris ? 
City of Light

Best coffee? 
Café Lomi

Best cheap and easy spot for lunch? 

Best co-work space? 
Le Barbouquin

Best place to get a drink? 
Mooshiner (clandestine bar)

Best place to have a dinner with friends?
Guilo Guilo

Hotel you would stay in if you weren’t from Paris?
Mama Shelter

Best unknown shop? 
Mel Mich & Martin

Up and coming talent?
Olinka Mitroshina

Best place to take clients in your city?
Triplettes de Belleville

Resources to help you with your career?
Nathalie Lopparelli - Atelier Fenêtre sur Cour - Tirages argentiques noir & blanc
Atelier Vikart - Tirage d'Art

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