Ellis Anne

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Name_ Ellis Anne
Location_ Currently Paris, France
Discipline_ Communications, Language
Background_ Writing, Linguistics, Public Relations

insta_ omnue
contact_ ellisanne@sayhito-mag.com

Recent graduate with a degree in Language and speaker of English, French, Spanish and German, Ellis Anne specializes primarily in writing and communication. Her skills are coupled with a strong interest in minimalist modern art, architecture and design, which has brought her to Paris to pursue work in a field that combines both. She likes to spend time in modern art museums, exploring new cities, doing yoga, and eating Indian food.


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Nina Bruun

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Name_ Nina Bruun
Location_ Copenhagen, Denmark
Discipline_ Design & Interior Consultant
Background_ Interior Design

www_ ninabruun.com
insta_ @nina_bruun

Having worked as Design Manager at the Danish design company Muuto, Nina recently decided to start her own consultancy. Here, not two days are alike and the tasks range from product design, interior design and visual branding & PR. She’s often on the move so in her free time Nina is either strolling the streets of Copenhagen or traveling around the world. Wherever she is, she finds inspiration in everything on her way.

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Rene Fietzek

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Name_ Rene Fietzek
Location_ Berlin
Discipline_ Photography
www_ renefietzek.com

René Fietzek likes to tell stories. However, after studying theater, film, and media in Vienna, he realized there was something that he liked even more: visualizing them. In pursuit of this dream, he continued to study visual communication in Hamburg and finished as a photo designer at Lette-Verein in Berlin. René's stories always have two sides. Without focusing too clearly on either, his photographs are able to reveal both vulnerability and determination, in one glance. Subtly emphasized by a skillful combination of soft shapes and playful patterns, they often display a very natural kind of innocence. It seems that René captures the exact instant before an ideal moment, gently fueling our imagination.



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What is the DNA of Berlin ?
Something messy

Best coffee? 
Bar Italia - Berlin

Best cheap and easy lunch? 
Lavanderia Vecchia | Trattoria italiana

Best place to get a drink? 
Bar 3

Best place to have a dinner with friends?
My living room

Hotel you would stay in if you weren’t from Berlin ?
I think I would go via AirBnB because the good hotels are not in the "good" districts

Best unknown shop? 

Up and coming talent in Berlin ?

Best place to take clients?
Joseph Roth Diele

Resources to help you with your career ?
d'mage - Fine Art Prints und High End Scans in Berlin

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Sebastian Scherer
furniture design
berlin, germany


Magali Duzant

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say hi to_ Magali Duzant

Name_ Magali Duzant
Location_ New York, NY
Discipline_ Photography
www_ magaliduzant.com
insta_ @MagaliDuzant

Magali Duzant is a NY-based artist and photographer. She holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and an MFA from Parsons The New School for Design. Select exhibitions include: Fridman Gallery, New York; ( harbor ), New York; Neue Galerie im Hohmannhaus, Augsburg, Germany; The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia; The Siskind Gallery at Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY. Her work has been published in print and online by Aint-Bad MagazineDer GreifYet Magazine, Adobo Magazine, among others.  In 2015 her first book, I Looked & Looked was published by Conveyor Editions. She currently lives and works in Queens, New York. 



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Brooklyn, NY

What is the DNA of your city ?
Always on but filled with quiet moments, neighborhood by neighborhood

Best coffee? 
The Queens Kickshaw in Astoria

Best cheap and easy place for lunch? 
Tacos - Bella Puebla in Jackson Heights / Tacos El Bronce in Sunset Park 

Best co-work space? 
Neue House

Best place to get a drink? 
End Of The Century in Forest Hills / The Narrows in Bushwick

Best place to have a dinner with friends?
Café Mogador

Hotel you would stay in if you weren’t from NY?
The Marlton

Best unknown shop? 
Not a shop per say but there is a specific stand at the Union Square Greenmarket that sells dried flowers. I go there for the most beautiful, lush eucalyptus. 

Up and coming talent?
I'm a huge fan of the artist Sacha Vega.

Best place to take clients?
Staten Island Ferry - beautiful views and beers

Resources to help you with your career ?

Conveyor Arts

LTI for film developing

NYC Business Solutions

CSI Rentals

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new york, ny


Kourtney Jackson

say hi to the contributors_ Kourtney Jackson

say hi to_ Kourtney Jackson

Name_ Kourtney Jackson
Location_ Los Angeles, USA
Discipline_ Photography
www_ kourtneyjackson.com
insta_ @kourtneyofthesea

Kourtney grew up in a coastal town in California and now lives in Northeast Los Angeles. She studied Fine Art at Biola University and enjoys engaging art criticism and painting in her studio. She works as a freelance Art Director to holistically elevate independent brands through digital media, product design, spacial design and strategy. Kourtney loves a cup of tea in the morning and her white husky named Indigo.

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Ben Medansky
los angeles, usa

Jelena Stajic

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say hi to_ Jelena Stajic

Name_ Jelena Stajic
Location_ Paris, France
Discipline_ Photography
www_ jelenastajic.com

After 10 years in the fashion world, Jelena now plays with passion in her job as a freelance photographer.

Also passionate about the catering trades, Jelena documents stories, portrait series of her meetings with lovers of cuisine.

She has been collaborating with the french magazine Vivre Paris since 2013. 





What is the DNA of Paris ? 
City of Light

Best coffee? 
Café Lomi

Best cheap and easy spot for lunch? 

Best co-work space? 
Le Barbouquin

Best place to get a drink? 
Mooshiner (clandestine bar)

Best place to have a dinner with friends?
Guilo Guilo

Hotel you would stay in if you weren’t from Paris?
Mama Shelter

Best unknown shop? 
Mel Mich & Martin

Up and coming talent?
Olinka Mitroshina

Best place to take clients in your city?
Triplettes de Belleville

Resources to help you with your career?
Nathalie Lopparelli - Atelier Fenêtre sur Cour - Tirages argentiques noir & blanc
Atelier Vikart - Tirage d'Art

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Papier Tigre
stationary design
paris, france

Robin Stein

say hi to the contributors_ Robin Stein

say hi to_ Robin Stein

Name_ Robin Stein
Location_ New York, NY
Discipline_ Photography

Robin Stein is a New York based photographer, artist and musician. After Graduating from Parsons School of Design his work has gone on to be exhibited and published in a wide range of galleries and publications. 




New York

What is the DNA of New York ?
This city is a combination of so many different origins and identities, there is no singular DNA.  It is all simultaneously clashing and coexisting - It is one of the few places  I've ever lived where you can feel like your in another country in your own hometown.

Best coffee? 
I really like this little coffee shop around the corner from where I live in Bed-Stuy, called Anchor Coffee. 

Best cheap and easy lunch? 
Best and cheapest food in the cities is definitely heading to Crown Heights and exploring all the West Indian restaurants.   Getting Doubles at Little Trini is my favorite. Get full on 2 dollars.

Best place to get a drink? 
For a fancy drink - I like going to Mayfair in Clinton Hill.  For hanging out with Friends: Lover’s Rock in Bed Stuy or Molasses Books in Bushwick.

Best place to have a dinner with friends?
Olea is one of favorite restaurants in town. Great Mediterranean food in Fort Greene. 

Hotel you would stay in if you weren’t from New York?
The Maritime Hotel

Best unknown shop? 
Molasses Books - rad used book store and bar. Also stocks cool self published artist books.  I also love this insane mess of a fabric store in the Hasidic part of Williamsburg that my friend Bunny introduced me to. 

Up and coming talent?
All my friends!!!  Hard to say what is up and coming always - but I’m really stoked on the magazine Riot of Perfume that some friends put out. 

Best place to take clients?
Rarely do I take clients out - usually I’m the one getting taken out…haha.  Though I’d probably take  client to get the amazing minimal Japanese Breakfast at Okonomi. 

Resources to help you with your career (fab labs,  printers, accountants, programs) in your city?
Asking Friends is usually the best resource - otherwise I think The Listings project is a cool resource. 
Organisations like Lower Manhattan Cultural Council are really helpful and supportive of artists. Craigslist.


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Ladies and Gentlemen Studio
furniture designers
new york, ny

Hannah Whitaker
new york, ny