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Part of the concept of 'say hi to_' is to give exposure to all creatives involved in our initiative. From the creatives and entrepreneurs who we interview, to the photographers who cover photo series for us, to the web designers who bring our web site to life. Our mission is to showcase the best up and coming talent from around the globe, on all levels. This is why two photo series are never the same. We want to see your style, your voice and showcase your work.




If you think that you are the next up and coming photographer, whose work matches our general mood and aesthetic, has a great cinematic eye, a narrative approach and good professional work ethic - we would love to hear from you! 
We are always on the look out for the next great photographer to share their voice via the say hi to_ platform. Please send us a recent and relevant portfolio of your work, your instagram or tumblr link if you have one and city where you live and work.




Resident Bloggers - New Series

Do you have a passion for design spreading across various disciplines? A keen eye and always on the hunt for the next great piece of furniture or photographer? A great idea for a series or column you'd like to contribute to via the 'say hi to_' platform? Please send us three story or series ideas, photos of five designers (or creatives from any discipline) who you love and think would fit the SHT_ aesthetic and two writing samples. No idea is too crazy, we'd love to hear original and creative ideas for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly series.


Design Reviews

Additionally, we are looking for contributors to write reviews of the best design restaurants, shops, art galleries, spaces around your city which fit into the SHT_ aesthetic. If you are interested in contributing to this series, please send us two restaurants, shops or other spaces in your city that you would feature and two writing samples.



We are looking to broaden our global database for resources for creatives to use in their city to explore new creative paths and meet new like minded people. Do you know the best co-work space, photo printing lab, creative lecture spaces, woodworking workshop, business or learning centers, community darkroom, great accountant etc. Feel free to send us all suggestions!
We are ever evolving and open to hearing other collaboration ideas and suggestions.


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