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Sanna Völker, a young up and coming furniture and product designer based between Barcelona and Stockholm recently caught our attention with her collaboration with one of our favorite big furniture companies - Bolia. We know the Bolia brand all too well, with our absolute favorite affordable yet chic yet comfortable couch coming directly from them! 

Sanna, raised in Sweden, left to study on warmer coasts in Barcelona, Spain. Bringing the best of both worlds; design ingrained in her Scandinavian blood and inspiration from the warm and sultry Catalan culture - she went on to work with the incredible design studio, Outofstock. Becoming familiar with Bolia, as they were on the client roster, led her to apply for the "Bolia Design Awards". 

Bolia, spotting this young bright talent, snatched her up to begin a collaboration together. The Snug candle series was Sanna's first stint with stone where she got to know the artisan stonemason who created the sculptures for the breathtaking cathedral, Sagrada Familia. We've still got to wait a bit longer to see the rest of her collaborations with Bolia but she has certainly caught our attention with minimalistic yet intriguing stone work.


David Hudges

November 28, 2016

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