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We're huge supporters of everything print and absolutely love discovering new endeavours in the realm of publishing, whether it be - art editions, independent magazines or books. We may be an online magazine but there is something truly irreplaceable about physically holding printed material in your hands, bringing a magazine or book to a café and seeing innovative designers play with shape, form and material in printed publications. The only thing we love more than printed publications, are creatives who take their passions and take the jump to create their own initiatives and businesses out of it! How could you not support that?

When we found Offline Press, a femme française doing it herself in London, we wanted to catch up with her and see what OP was all about and how she got her independent art initiative jump started. Have a peek below to see how she did it!


Offline Press

November 13, 2016

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| Kristen | Could you please tell us what Offline Press is and how you got the idea to create it?

| Camille | Offline Press is an independent label based in London and focusing on publishing artists books. It started in 2014 with the publication Offline. I’ve always been interested in "the process" and my computer was regularly full of images, archives, and documentations from the studio. The book format was thus a really good alternative to show that part of work that is not always visible in "finished" projects.

| Kristen | How many people are you behind it? What were your professional backgrounds before you started Offline Press?

| Camille | Actually it's only me behind it. After studying design in Paris I move to Berlin and then to London to study Fine Arts. I'm currently finishing an MA in sculpture at the Royal College of Arts in London.

| Kristen | What types of projects and publications do you release?

| Camille | OP runs Perpetual Inventory, a magazine exploring process in sculptural practice and in the close future I will publish book focused on the work of one artist. There is also a photography book on the list of ongoing projects and some of the past publications have been going with art exhibitions as well but always based on the thematic of work-in-progress.


| Kristen | How did you start publishing projects? Was it difficult to start financially?

| Camille | I've started with a Kickstarter and carry on printing in selling the past publications but it's effectively very hard to fund every projects. Printing is hardly affordable for an independent so you have to be patient in between each book.

| Kristen | How did you learn the processes and protocol of publishing?

| Camille | I already knew the design processes because of my background in design but for the distribution protocol, simply in doing it and in asking advices from publishers and libraries. 

| Kristen | What was your favorite project to work on?

| Camille | Perpetual Inventory is the most exciting project. It's defined as a "third zone" for sculptors to show there works. I'm working closely with contributors and I already knew there works so curating the book and make it coherent is almost of an intimate relationship with participating artists. 

| Kristen | Where do you want to go with it in the future?

| Camille | I would like to involve Offline Press more in the distribution process, so I’m working on an itinerant library project that I aim to release in 2017.

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