Valentina Cameranesi, Set and Collectible Object Design

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We are in love with Object and Set designer Valentina Cameranesi and the world she is able to create. Her work is tender but modern and brings us a refreshing take on classic Italian design.

Valentina was born in Rome and studied product design, after finishing her studies she designed the Diesel Home Collection for a couple of years, working closely with the creative director. In this role, she also directed the creative for the product photo shoots and final set ups. 

For her collection of vases she describes her inspiration as vernacular - relying on locally sourced materials and regional traditions, and a study between artificial and natural, being influenced by Italy and its abundance of history and design and the appropriation of 1980's and 90's culture makes her work feels very authentic yet contemporary with a sensual twist. 

We got a chance to discover two of her latest collections and this is what we found.

First up is the Avalon collection which was made in collaboration with Bloc Studios. The collection uses their coloured and white marble and references old Roman aesthetics. The contrast that comes from the use of the soft and female forms taken from Roman sculptures juxtaposed against hard geometric shapes is breathtaking, the set design of the shoot helps translate this feeling beautifully.

The Panorama collection was first shown in the form of an exhibition curated by Annalisa Rosso during Milano design week this year. This collection dives deep into a world Valentina would like to see. Full of references from her favourite time periods the collection and set design are a manifestation of the sensuality of old times placed in the now in between metal structures that hint at the elements of industrial production. 


August 13, 2018




Photo Credit_ Camille Vivier



Photo Credit_ Jeremias Morandell


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