Stine Mikkelsen, Material Researcher and Experimental Object Design

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You might have heard about Danish designer, Stine Mikkelsen, and her experimental objects. Her geometric structures are tastefully simple and are made of fascinatingly intricate materials. Her priority in design actually lays with the materials, which comes from her background in textile design and the intensive research she does for each collection. Stine experiments with the raw materials drawn from her inspiration and creates the new, this process gives her object a truly natural touch. 

I've always had a soft spot for materials that invite you to touch and the textures she is able to construct are beautifully mesmerising. As the techniques bring the texture and way of working her ideology behind the shape and form of the object comes from a place of drawing interest, she creates objects that are hard to define as what their function is to evoke wonder and to start a conversation.

Her first collection called 'Tactile Monoliths' is based on her graduation project, which handled the concept on how to use textile design methods to make sculptural objects. She also set out to shed light on the traditional crafts in the maritime community that are slowly disappearing. The inspiration is beautifully translated from form to texture, I personally love the renditions in silver.

'Solid Formations' is inspired by Italian Geology, marble and volcanic ash  were the components she decided to use to create her new material for the collection. The shapes of the collection were derived from the contrast between natural and human made structures. Her latest work is called the Art of Sitting, based on a quote by Gunnar Aagaard Andersen: "To be able to sit well, one must be able to sit differently", she explores the different ways you can sit on a chair. Derived from a cube, Andersen investigated the square, the shape formed when she established which surfaces support the body.

What excites me about Stine's work in general is the constant research of materials and the contrast between nature and artificial. Her objects take geometric forms into the next century when she covers them in organic references. 


August 27, 2018



Tactile Monoliths


Solid Formations


The Art of Sitting

Photo Credit_ Benita Marcussen


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