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I think that by now, one could easily notice my (healthy) obsession with experimental yet functional objects. Furniture which walks a thin line between fine art and domestic functionality is the exact combination that lights my fire. Is it a sculpture? Can I use it? Oh, I can?! I'm all about killing two birds with one stone... Well, I'm against killing animals but let's just say in an ideal world my apartment would look like an experimental art gallery that we could all cozily hangout in.

This is exactly why when I first saw Jacob Egeberg's work I was not only very intrigued, but oh so impressed that a young designer was pumping out such thought provoking pieces. Jacob, earning his degree from The Royal Danish Academy school of Fine Arts and Design, refuses to be fenced in by conventional rules and aims to keep a certain playfulness to his work. Drawing inspiration by the way that objects relate to one another, to their space and the people using them, Jacob likes to experiment with unexpected materials and forms.

His latest collection consists of a series of utile and sculptural objects. He did not design the pieces to be determined by function, yet to have functional sizes and qualities so that the user can transform them according to their desires or needs. The objects are composed of unique concrete surfaces, stacked in varying colors and sizes with integrated steel structures.

I personally love the mix of coloured concrete and steel. I find the collection modern, sculptural and playful - while still evoking a chic contemporary edge to them. Have a look at Jacob's newest collection below and keep an eye on his work to come. He will surely be one of the rising stars of 2017/18.


March 11, 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark

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