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Kiev born architect Emil Dervish is exemplifying modern Ukrainian architecture. Young, focused, and creative, Emil puts function at the heart of his 3D design. Think mid-century efficiency meets modern minimalism, made with a bit of soul. 

I know I'm biased but I'm a sucker for the chain of design and architectural movements set off in the 1900s, especially in Europe. The scope of expression was limitless: everything from colorful, innovative, eclectic works, to brutalist concrete forms and monochromatic aesthetics. The 20th century truly showcased a wide range of design production and architectural expression, each movement offering its own strong characteristics. 

Emil Dervish, somehow, can elegantly tie these decades of design form into a single space. In his conceptual 3D work we see seamless integration of pre-modern and contemporary design elements: clean lines that flow into geometric shapes, muted tones carefully coupled with complementary warm colors, and above all, a specific combination of details and materials that excludes unnecessary attention. In other words, he keeps it clean, yet alive. His appreciation for and use of unexpected natural materials breathes an element of richness into a space as it matures over time, developing a truly unique personality. He translates a vision of interior living that is reminiscent of decades come and gone, yet will undoubtedly continue into the future through a graceful synthesis of practicality, innovation, and depth.

Step into one of his concept spaces and be simultaneously transported through the past, present and future of interior architecture and design.  


Ellis Anne


Emil Dervish

August 17, 2017

Kiev, Ukraine

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