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There’s been a lot of buzz around Bower for sometime – their contemporary design and minimalistic geometric furniture give plenty of reason for it. Since the studio opened in 2013 they’ve quickly become an unadulterated design darling; creating custom woodwork for clients like Kinfolk and making many drool copiously over their 80’s mirrors and sleek marble tables. How they manage to create piece after piece with the same contemporary, but not over the top trendy, feel is to say the least – impressive.

The Bower trio, consisting of Danny, Tammer and Jeffrey, are always challenging themselves. Just this fall they collaborated with clothing brand Arrivals to create three pop-up shops that combine slick and almost otherworldly materials to create the perfect extension of the Arrivals universe. We met with the team to talk a little more about their design philosophy, a new secret project and a of course about birds.

– Bower is a bird. They're very particular about material, color and composition. It was inspiring to see that artistic expression was not only an instinct, but a skill for survival. It seemed like a great association, so the name stuck.

Danny and Tammer met while working together as fabricators for a furniture company in Brooklyn. They realized that it was natural for them to just build on the others idea. So they spent nights and weekends collaboration in the wood shop  until they had picked up enough traction to start Bower. And not too long after Jeffrey joined completing the creative trio .


Maria Kowalska Elleberg

Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York

January 15, 2017


The Arrivals NY Pop Up


| say hi to_ Maria | So you recently worked on this amazing pop up concept for Arrivals. What was the idea behind the stores?

| BOWER | To us, The Arrivals represents a brand with a forward-looking, young, refined, urban/wilderness aesthetic. They've successfully created a unique identity and product line that needed a physical world to inhabit. This is where we came in… to help them conceptualize and manifest physical spaces that are a natural environment for their products. When we designed the concept for the three stores [the main store in New York City, and two smaller satellite stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco], we wanted to create a minimal, somewhat alien environment where the materials, finishes and color palette created a sharp contrast within the space, while remaining cohesive. The volcanic lava rocks, seemingly from another planet, mixed with the slick reflective surfaces of the mirrors and display pieces that resemble kind of a liquid form, are good examples of that.

The Arrivals NY Pop Up

The Arrivals NY Pop Up


| say hi to_ Maria |What was most challenging with the project?

| BOWER | It took awhile for the store locations to be secured, so having to adapt the basic design concepts and fixtures to the final spaces very quickly was probably the most challenging. We teamed up with interior designer Lotte Van Velzen, who stepped in and helped to translate the vision into reality.


The Arrivals LA Pop Up Shop


| say hi to_ Maria | What do you think are the stores’ strongest features?

| BOWER | In putting the spaces together, we built off of the texture, material, structure and color of The Arrivals clothing designs. We think that this cohesion, as well as the general mood and feeling of the customer experience in the finished spaces are strong. As we mentioned before, we attempted to create the perfect world for the products to inhabit.


The Arrivals SF Pop UP Shop


| say hi to_ Maria | What’s next for Bower? Any exciting projects coming up?

| BOWER | We're currently in the beginning stage of developing new mirror, furniture and accessory collections. This is always an exciting time for us, as we get to experiment, build prototypes and perfect the designs over time. We are also building a new website with a couple of our favorite photographers to give Bower a fresh face. This is something we've been wanting to do for a while now, so it's been thrilling to finally see it take shape. And, we're in the concept development stage of designing for multiple retail locations of a lifestyle brand that's based here in New York. We can't give details yet, but stay tuned!

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The Arrivals Pop Up NY

42 Crosby Street
New York, NY 10012


The Arrivals Pop Up LA

7959 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA


The Arrivals Pop Up SF

886 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA

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