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So we’re obsessed with Dutch Design, as much of the world is. It’s always exciting to see what newcomers we will find during any of the international design weeks... But our particular favourite has to be when the experimental, boundary pushing, forward thinking Dutch design community hold their annual design week and show us what they have been working on the past year. We were unfortunately unable to make it in person this year but received a welcomed e-mail from, Emma Wessel and Tijs Gilde, the creators of POPCORE.

POPCORE an initiative created to give a platform for likeminded young designers to showcase their work. Emma and Tijs curated a group of multidisciplinary creators from product design, to fashion design to come together in a series of events involving everything from food to club culture to show the new ideas of the newest design generation in The Netherlands.

We had a quick chat with Tijs about the initiative. See what he had to say and a glimpse of their first exhibition which opened yesterday in Eindhoven. Go by and have a look in person if you are there!


Vera de Pont, Anouk van de Sande, Tanita Klein, Robin Maas

October 23, 2016

Eindhoven, Holland

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Anoukxvera, Onno Adriaanse, Job van den Berg, Wesley de Boer, Fabian Briels, Anton Hendrik Denys, Tijs Gilde, Andrew Grincell, Tanita Klein, Dewi Kruijk, Robin Maas, Hans van Sinderen, Benedikt Stonawski, Emma Wessel


| Kristen | Could you tell us a little bit about you, your background and what POPCORE is?

| Tijs| Emma and I are 2 designers (and lovers). I graduated one year ago and Emma graduated this year, we both graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven.

I'm a product designer, who is in love with funky form language and materialisation, I bring the functional aspects to the projects.

Where on the other hand, Emma is a fashion designer (currently also doing a master in fashion at Artez) she brings the tactile and nowness to our work.

We organized POPCORE because we wanted to create a stage for ourselves and our fellow designers. We curated and invited designers to participate, where we focused on making selections based on style and design approach. Most of the work has a specific approach, very much from a material point of view and with an investigative attitude. We see a lot of multi functionality and modularity.

When all the works came together it gave a very uniform feeling, although there was a variety of disciplines (fashion, product and interior).

We founded with this diverse group of young talents that aims to create a more elaborate view on the young designers notion. With a background in design, this assembly of creative minds uses the medium to create a contemporary work attitude that radiates more fluidity, playfulness and freedom.

By doing this expo we want to point out a difference in the attitude of young designer in comparisment to that of some time ago. We feel that our generation is looking for different ways to approach products/fashion and design in general. 

| Kristen | We read that with POPCORE you curate a range of events from events relating to food, talks, clubbing and more - could you tell us a little bit about events you have curated or what you plan on next?

| Tijs| When we figured that this expo is a manifestation of young life we also wanted to incorporate the diversity of our lives. Since borders between work and leisure are fading we wanted to create that same atmosphere within POPCORE. We decided to organize an evening with drinks and talks in which we invite speakers from different fields an backgrounds to reflect and discuss the topics. next to our work we organise a concert with ABRA and a club night.

| Kristen | How did you go about putting this together? Did you do it on your own?

| Tijs| Emma and I came up with the initiative, but POPCORE is founded and created by all participants. We had meetings almost every week to discuss directions and get things arranged.

| Kristen | How did you curate the exhibition? Did you ask the designers to work together to put together on a specific theme or topic? How long did they have to produce the products?

| Tijs| Most of the objects where already existing, thats how Emma and I where able to create such a uniform style with different designers.

| Kristen | How do you fund something like this?

| Tijs| We finance it ourselves, but we also get some things sponsored. We now worked together with Martens they provided the exhibition material. our whole visual identity is also tuned in on this material. For future exhibitions we would like to work together with other companies. We would like to collaborate with different companies that would provide us material for each exhibition.

| Kristen | Is it difficult to find sponsors?

| Tijs| yes

| Kristen | How would you describe the design landscape in The Netherlands?

| Tijs| There are a lot of designers in The Netherlands, most of them come from the same school (design academy eindhoven) so there is a very close scene.

I think we are not seeing each other as much as competition, at least not the people of our generation.

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