Nordic Knots: Modern Rugs and a Swedish Philosophy to Balanced Interiors

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Since the beginning of modern interior design - Sweden has more or less been the first country which comes to most people's minds when thinking about a well balanced and clean interior. Apparently, there is even a designated word in the Swedish language, 'Lagom', which defines an aesthetic which is neither too much nor too little - the perfect balance. I recently discovered the work of New York based Swedish rug designers, Nordic Knots, which blends this philosophy into their creative process.

As I have recently been on the hunt for the perfect rug in my own home, I have been sensitive to how that piece plays into the overall space. Do I go with the over the top rug/modern art piece which will draw all eyes to that? Do I go with the classic beige Moroccan rug that everyone has and let the rest of the furniture do the talking? What I found when I first saw Nordic Knot's collection was interesting patterns with rich bold colors (very say hi to_) but pieces which could easily integrate into a space in a balanced way. Not boring and merely functional and not so loud that you don't notice the rest of the furniture collection, which I have spend oh so much time curating. I was interested to hear more about how they got started and the philosophy behind the way that they design their pieces.

We got ahold of Liza, one of their three co-founders, to chat creative process, 'Lagom' and their beautiful high quality rug collection!


Nordic Knots

January 29, 2018

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say hi to_ Nordic Knots

| Kristen | Can you please introduce yourself and what you do.

| Liza Berglund Laserow | I am one of three founders (Fabian Berglund and Felix Berglund) of Nordic Knots, a Swedish Rug company that was founded about a year ago. 

| Kristen | What were your backgrounds before you started Nordic Knots?

| Liza | I was trained as a lawyer before turning antiques dealer and residential interior designer. Fabian is a Creative Director in advertising and Felix is an ex poker professional. He is the true entrepreneur and started several successful and fun companies. All very different backgrounds but a perfect combination to create a good home brand. Getting to express ourselves through designing products is really special and hearing from someone who just received one of our rugs, saying how much they like it and how it is now an important part of their home is an even greater feeling. 


| Kristen | Can you tell us about how your collections are inspired by your home country of Sweden?

| Liza | All three of us are born and raised in Sweden and all of us really love the Swedish aesthetic. The country has a very rich history within design and architecture, which makes it a never ending source of inspiration, from the colorful facades of the 19th century architecture lining the streets of Stockholm, to the patterned floor of an 18th Century building and the expressive designs found on antique Swedish fabrics. We have collected all of these impressions and turned our favorite ones into a thoughtful collection of rugs, giving our clients a little piece of Sweden to take home. 

| Kristen | Can you tell us a little bit about the Swedish philosophy of ‘Lagom’ and how that is translated in the rugs that you produce ?

| Liza | Lagom is a word that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world and Swedes are really the true experts in living accordingly to the expression. It really affects the way we dress and how we decorate our homes. It means "it’s not too much and not too little. It’s just right.” We have designed rugs that will add to your interior but not take over. They are colorful but not shouty. They are Lagom


| Liza | How are the rugs made and what are they made of? Is it a specific technique that you use to create them?

| Liza | The rugs are handmade in Badohi in India. We have carefully selected a New Zealand wool that gives us the quality we strive for. It gives us a soft yet a durable rug that will age well and get more beautiful with time. We currently have three qualities of loomed wool: a very soft thick-cut pile, a flat woven and a hand-loomed for a more rustic look. This spring we are adding a fourth type: a shaggier quality with with longer hair. We’re really excited about it, the rugs will be amazing! 

| Kristen | Can you tell us about your creative process behind designing your rugs ? Who does what from your team in that creative process ?

| Liza | Nordic Knots is a collaborative process between the three of us where we discuss everything, from the patterns to the best way to form the website or the concept of the new interior shoot of a new collection. Fabian and I however take on the responsibility in the creative process while Felix is the brain behind strategy and production. 

| Kristen | What do we have to look forward to next ?

| Liza | SO MUCH! There are several new patterns and, like I mentioned, a brand new quality of wool that I am super excited about and cannot wait to shoot in a beautiful home. Whenever a new collection arrives and I get to style the **** out of it, it’s better than my birthday (and I LOVE my birthday)!

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