John Hogan's mesmerizing glass sculptures through the lens of Charlie Schuck

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So I've been eyeing the work of John Hogan for quite some time now. To be perfectly honest, when I first found his collaborative photos with photographer Charlie Schuck, I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking at - but I was definitely mesmerized. I looked into it a bit more and found John's beautiful glass sculptures for sale at MATTER in New York and wished I could get my hands on one for my own collection. I feel like these pieces are a still life photographers dream; the shapes, colors, the way they reflect light.

Charlie Schuck, if you don't know his work already is one, of the IT design still life photographers from the US right now. His thought provoking still life photography teeters between fine art images and commercial pieces. We couldn't have imagined a better pairing for a collaborative series.

We have a little chat with John about his work and the collaboration. Have look a the mesmerizing images of John's candy like glass sculptures through Charlie's lens below. I guarentee you will be as obsessed as we are.


John Hogan

February 12, 2017

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Q + A

| Kristen | Can you please introduce yourself and what you do?

| John | I am an artist and designer living and working in Seattle. I use glass as a primary medium of expression in my work and frequently collaborate with other artists and designers.

| Kristen | What is your background?

| John | I grew up in Toledo Ohio with a loving family and an incredibly creative group of friends. A lot of my time as a child and adolescent was spent at the Toledo Museum of Art in their youth art program. I studied political science at Bowling Green State University and moved to Seattle in 2008 to pursue a career as a glass maker.

| Kristen | How did you get into creating work out of glass?

| John | I started making glass at TMA when I was 15. Initially it was the fire and molten material that appealed to me but over time the infatuation changed and became more about light.

| Kristen | Did you have any particular inspiration for this series?

| John | A common compliment I receive about my work is that people wish they could eat it. Some of the work in this body of work was a more focused attempt to evoke this type of response.

| Kristen | How did your collaboration with Charlie Schuck come about?

| John | Charlie has been shooting the design and fashion communities in Seattle for years. He was the primary photographer for several of my collaborators when I first started working more in the design realm. Charlie and I became good friends and he was interested in shooting still life style images of my artwork. It's such a treat to hand over the work and just let a creative like him work with it however he sees fit.

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