North Korean Interiors are AU TOP!

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We found photo series of North Korean Interiors and architecture by the brilliant Oliver Wainwright last year and haven't stopped thinking about it since.

With mixed color palettes of playful pastels, saturated bolds and modern neutrals, symmetric and repetitive 'feng-shui' and room configurations - these relics of communist design bliss have got us itching to hop on a flight and smuggle ourselves into North Korea for a closer look. Knowing us, we would get chucked out immediately, live-instagramming these Wes-Andserson-esque and hauntingly beautiful North Korean interiors. 

The contrast between what we know about the guarded communist country and these charming interiors only further enflames our curiosity into the culture and lifestyle in North Korea.
Next stop design tour - Pyongyang, anyone?


August 5, 2016

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