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say hi to_ Visual Feast

Over saturated with images, drenched in advertising and inspiration across social media platforms, billboards, 'curated blogs' (oops is that me?) - everywhere... It can actually be quite difficult in these times to sit down and truly get inspired by something original. Call me old fashioned and perhaps even hypocritical, as I have an online design magazine, but for me nothing compares to holding a visceral and beautiful print object in my hands and taking the time to devour it fully. This is exactly why when the Design Book masters at Gestalten released this mouthwatering beauty, Visual Feast, I needed to get my hands on a copy. With such busy lives, I find that taking the time to read and skim through printed material is the perfect excuse to take a break in your day and learn something new but also an essential moment to 'reposé'. 

Speaking of taking the time to reposé and find inspiration... a few weeks ago I found myself faced with a plethora of pressing deadlines and a total lack of inspiration and energy to finish all of my work. I packed up a few books and walked down a few blocks and checked myself into my beloved Le Pigalle Hotel (coffee 1 euros for all of you design loving freelancers in town). The rooms and restaurant at Le Pigalle are the perfect balance between chic contemporary design with a laidback nonchalant 'cool' vibe - the essence of the Parisian 'Je ne sais quoi' in interior form. This was the perfect place to clear my head and get my inspiration back. I felt right at home.

Why do us 'curators' choose what we choose to display and share? What makes a great image? In an era full of Instagram photographers (some of which are very talented in their own right) - what truly defines and separates the masters of Still Life Photography? With a bunch of Art Direction and Photo projects coming up, I wanted get to the bottom of this and see what moved me and why. I plopped myself down on an armchair in my cozy staycation room at Le Pigalle, ordered myself a café crème with the iPad in my room and cracked open 'Visual Feast'.

Let's have a look at what I found...



June 26, 2017

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Photography by Aleksandra Kingo, from Visual Feast, Copyright Gestalten 2017


Keen attention to color palettes, forms and balance in the way that they interact.




Define your visual language and aesthetic and be consistent.


Le Pigalle Hotel, Paris


Photography by ZacharyZavislak, from Visual Feast, Copyright Gestalten 2017


Do pay very close attention to lighting and detail.


Photography & Styling MAURIZIO DI IORIO, from Visual Feast, Copyright Gestalten 2017

Take ordinary scenes and objects and transform them into a contemporary still life painting using light, surrealistic notions and surprising color association.

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