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I was looking forward to getting my little hands on Gestalten’s ‘Start Me Up!’ after seeing it in a few art book shops around Europe. Apparently, you should never judge a book by it’s cover… but being that I am attracted to beautiful things - I was sold on the smart font, intriguing cover image and candy store colors.

Start Me Up! is a beautiful introduction to a plethora of brands from Finland to Singapore who take creative means to communicating their brand’s ethos, quality and background through branding and visual means. In today’s day and age, as one might have already noticed, the days of big brand consumerism are over. With tighter budgets and more interest in curating all details of our lives and homes, we as a collective generation not only care where and how our products are made - from toothpaste to coffee - but how a brand aesthetically engages us and tells us their story. When we make a purchase we want to know what the brand we are buying into is about, without having to dig too deep.

This has brought about a new wave of creativity in not only telling those stories, but showing them through creative branding solutions. 

Doing what I do on most rainy autumn mornings in Paris, I took my book over to my favourite cozy neighbourhood haunt, Hotel Amour. I sat in the back by the lush yet hidden inner city garden and ordered my usual cafe crème and dug in, in search for inspiration.

We see how a Porn Production studio takes a generally uncreative industry and adds a dash of sophisticated yet edgy and sexiness to it's corporate identity, how a turban tailoring company from Saudi Arabia mixes tradition with fashion and my personal favourite, a German physical therapist who's corporate identity and branding is marked with minimalistic yet playful graphics full of meaningful symbolism.

If you have an interest to how contemporary brands are cutting through today's clutter and fitting into our fine-tuned taste, get to your local book shop and have a look.



October 24, 2015

say hi to_ Start me Up! | Gestalten

"Packaging designed to please connoisseurs along with signets, slogans and strategies composed to speak to consumers who approach carefully considered commodities as their capital."


"And knowing that the contemporary consumer has long lost trust in the mass communication of global giants, entrepreneurs are encouraged to return to their roots. Brands built on heritage are likely to be trusted and loved."

say hi to_ Start me Up! | Gestalten

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