say hi to_ Tanawat Sakdawisarak x Muller van Severen

say hi to_ Tanawat Sakdawisarak

As I had mentioned in our last edition of Design Studies with Haruna Kawai, I've found myself the past month or two, unexpectedly, tapping into a creative pool in Asia and I couldn't be more excited to uncover what is going on in the design scenes on the other side of the world. I've always been fascinated in discovering the work of contemporary creatives from other cultures, explaining how a New York girl ended up living in a series of countries in Europe for the past 7 years. Now that I am feeling cozy and quite familiar with the current state of creative scene here in Europe I am dying to see what is going on elsewhere, namely in Asia.

Tanawat Sakdawisarak was born and raised in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand. He studied Communication Studies and Graphic Design in the States and came back home to start his career as a Graphic Designer. I was drawn to his work as he creates graphic illustrations of interiors with memphis references, flat colors and surrealistic circumstances. Think Magritte meets Dr.Seuss meets Nathalie de Pasquier. They could come together and form a while new genre. Tanawat’s quirky yet sophisticated, surrealistic scenes gets me daydreaming and if I am being perfectly honest - is inspiring me to write a children’s book just so I can ask him to illustrate it.

You know how the game goes - we presented Tanawat with three contemporary designers and architects and he chose the Belgian furniture designers, Muller van Severen, as his inspiration. He created an exclusive series of four illustrations in collaboration with us drawing inspiration from Muller van Severen’s iconic contemporary furniture.

When asked what drew him to Muller van Severen, he told us “At first glance, when I saw their various works, there was something that related to what I am doing. It might be the combination of the lines and geometric forms. It seems as though it is just a simple thing but the difficulty is in how you could combine these things together and make them look new. Also, there is some sense of Memphis period like Shiro Kuramata’s work. “

Have a look at what Tanawat came up with below!


January 3, 2016

say hi to_

Muller van Severen, Inspiration

say hi to_

The Result

Muller van Severen



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