Lottie Hughes x POOL

say hi to_ Lottie Hughes x POOL

We want say hi to_ to be a virtual space to forge creative collaborations and original creative work. We get a lot of submissions but one submission from model-turned-illustrator-turned-renaissance-woman, Lottie Hughes, really stood out with her fun illustrations of interior spaces. It got us thinking, what if we could feature some of our favourite furniture, interior and product design crushes AND challenge up and coming creatives and artists to create new work to be showcased on say hi to_? 

Okay are you ready for it? We came up with a little game. Here are the rules:


How to play Design Studies_

  • Step 1 - Align with a talented and fresh up-and-coming artist; study their portfolio and voice

  • Step 2 - Propose three furniture or product designers to up-and-coming artist and let them choose which one inspires them the most

  • Step 3 - Artist creates series of four pieces re-interpreting the work of chosen furniture or product designer


Let's have a look how our first instalment of Design Studies, featuring Lottie Hughes x POOL went!



August 11, 2016

say hi to_ Lottie Hughes x POOL

Step 1_ Lottie Hughes, Illustrator

Lottie Hughes is a 26 year old illustrator living and working in London. Her work is characterised by the manière in which she depicts everyday scenarios through playful living spaces. Interior design, quirky furniture, composition, colour, objects and hidden motifs are all strong influences in her work. We loved her lively yet minimalistic drawing of interiors. In all honesty, I have to look at Lottie's beautiful and charming work with a slight pang of envy. Evoking a certain nostalgia within me - her illustrations embody the lost dreams of a younger version of myself, spending hours thinking I could make it as an artist with MS Paint. From now on I'll be living vicariously through you Lottie.

When we presented her with three different contemporary furniture designers she chose French design house POOL. She felt connected to their innovative approach to furniture design, like her own work there is a sense of playfulness in their designs along with a strong attitude towards thought and precision.

 "Their furniture is complex as well as simple. The materials, colours and experimental use of geometry work so harmoniously together I thought it would create a great balance incorporating their furniture into my own illustrative style and interiors." - Lottie Hughes


Step 2_ POOL, Furniture Design Inspiration


Step 3_ Outcome


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