George Greaves x Tom Dixon

George Greaves, Illustrator

For our second instalment of 'Design Studies' we called upon a young designer from Bristol in the UK, George Greaves. The simple yet powerful illustrations of George immediately caught our attention when recently skimming through the instagram jungle.

George's work can be characterised by well balanced color stories rarely using more than three bold complementary colors, gradients, cutouts and geometric shapes. George describes symbolism as being a large part of the work that he does, arranging playful yet meaningful compositions with shapes dictating a language all of his own. 

We were very intrigued to see how this up and coming talent would translate the work of a contemporary furniture designer and asked George if he wanted to collaborate for 'Design Studies'. He chose British furniture designer, Tom Dixon, as his inspiration. Tom Dixon, known for his use of materials such as brass and copper, as well as bold art deco sculptural shapes was what we thought, the ideal pairing.

Have a look at what George came up with below!


Tom Dixon

September 1, 2016

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Tom Dixon, Inspiration

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The Result

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