Garance Vallée x Le Corbusier

Garance Vallée, Illustrator

I recently found Garance's instagram, where I felt like we were living in some sort of strange parallel universe. For her, a chic French girl living in New York City and for me a New York Girl living the cliché dream in Paris. It was fun to see my city through the lens of a Parisian girl. Not only a Parisian girl, but an extremely talented illustrator with the exact same obsession for Bauhaus and Memphis as myself. Um, girl crush? We had a coffee when she moved back to Paris and it was nice to finally meet and to hear about her background, in architecture, which influences a very specific style in her work.

She recently returned to Paris to finish her masters degree in architecture where she is specialising in scenography. She will focus on smaller scale architecture, geared towards spatial design for galleries, museums and art installations.

Growing up in her father's artist atelier in Paris with an artist as a father, and a creative writer for a mother, she was raised in the type of creative environment I suppose we can only imagine in our bohemian Parisian day dreams. Passionate about contemporary art, design and architecture, her inspiration comes from the Bauhaus and Memphis design movements as well as contemporary modernist and avant-garde influences found in the contemporary creative scene of young artists.

Villa Savoye, Paris, France

Being a bit of a renaissance woman, drawing, sculpting, working digitally, designing objects and building models she was drawn to choose the iconic Swiss architect, Le Corbusier as her inspiration. Le Corbusier inspired somewhat of a revelation in Garance's creative perspective. He juggled working throughout the realms of painting, sculpture, design and writing simultaneously in parallel to his work as prolific architect.

For Garance's series of illustrations, she transforms the work of Le Corbusier by deconstructing and staging his work by putting his objects and furniture into another chronology of space. She then put her interpretation of the famous 'Villa Savoye' in ruin, as a relic of the past, as an image overtaken by time - an ancient memorial of sorts.

Le Corbusier, one of the fathers of the modernist movement, introduced us to the ideas of functionalism, purism and the link between nature and architecture. See how this brilliant young designer translates these ideas into her illustrations, using pure lines, minimalistic colors and radical geometry.


Le Corbusier

October 26, 2016


Le Corbusier, Inspiration


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say hi to_ Garance Vallée x Le Corbusier

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