Charlotte Taylor x Ricardo Bofill

Charlotte Taylor, Illustrator

You may remember, we visited the Villa Noailles 'Design Parade' last year where the beautiful villa designed by architect, Robert Mallet-Stevens, captivated us. I was naturally stopped in my tracks when I came across a beautiful illustration of the interior of the Villa Noailles by young illustrator, Charlotte Taylor.

Clean sharp lines, bold yet dusty colors with a subtle texture brought iconic interiors and structures to life, in her playful and stylized illustrations.

Charlotte, a designer based in London, has a long-standing obsession with architecture, interiors and design objects. She is interested in non-functional structures; her drawings take existing architectural forms with addition of fictional and playful elements. She imagines the spaces combining different architectural styles, namely drawing inspiration from Postmodernism, Brutalism and Ancient Architecture.

When given the choice of three architects, she chose one of our all time favourite architects - Ricardo Bofill. Having already been a consistent source of inspiration for Charlotte, it was a natural choice. His use of excessive arches, staircases and details in his buildings draw close parallels to her drawings. When asked why she chose Bofill, Charlotte told us "I was keen to see how I could push his sculptural and eccentric architecture into an even more fictional space".

Have a look at how she translated Bofill's iconic architectural masterpieces into four spontaneous and dreamlike illustrations.


Ricardo Bofill

February 4, 2017

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Ricardo Bofill, Inspiration

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