say hi to_ OFFLINE | September

say hi to_ OFFLINE | September

If you have ever spent August and September in Paris you probably noticed the stark contrast between the sleepy ghost city of August, with Parisians scattered around Southern Europe on their four weeks summer vacations, to the electrified chaotic frenzy of September with both Paris Design and Fashion Week. After spending many years primarily working in the luxury fashion world, I have meandered my way into having one foot in the Contemporary Art + Design scene and one in the Fashion world.

One major contrast I noticed in Paris when comparing our Design Week to Milan's Salone del Mobile,  NYxDesign and Paris' own robust and buzzing Fashion Weeks, was that Paris Design week's pulse has always seemed a bit weak. So many people travel around Europe to attend the famed 'Maison et Objet', to launch new collections and to discover new brands. It seems like a shame that the heart of the city does not keep up the momentum of creativity after every one heads back from the evenings after the trade show.

We have been busy busy this year trying to take a leap in the direction of changing that.

say hi to_ will go OFFLINE in more than one way. After five years of working in freelance production and communications, I decided to officially open say hi to_ Creative. An agency between haute gamme design and luxury fashion - specialising in Art Direction, Media and Event Production and Communications. Simultaneously, we will dip a toe into publishing, born not out of years of publishing experience, but out of passion for showcasing and supporting the best international discoveries in contemporary talent in design and the visual arts.

After a quiet summer working diligently behind the scenes, I am eager to announce and introduce some exciting opportunities and projects we've been working on and invited to participate in during the whirlwind month of September in Paris.


Paris, France

August 31, 2017

say hi to_

say hi to_ Creative

After spending the past five years working as a freelance photo and event producer in the luxury fashion  sector in Europe - it was time to evolve towards creating an agency which covers all bases from art direction, production and communications in the design world. Where are the innovative and thought provoking design events in such a culturally rich and cosmopolitan city like Paris? We couldn't help but notice the lack of support and multidimensional creative solutions for designers and brands looking to create bespoke and innovative events and or to implement creative communication strategies. Alors, New York work ethic meets Parisian savoir faire - et voilà.


Korean Institute of Design Promotion Young Designer's Jury

Perhaps the right people caught wind of our unhealthy obsession with South Korean design... and we were honored to be nominated by Haelan Kim of Knok Store to serve as an International Jury Member for KIDP's annual South Korean Young Designer's Awards. Technically, I served in the panel before summer but only now are we able to announce the honor!


say hi to_ Corea Corner during Paris Design Week

I don't know how many people get the opportunity to work on their dream project right off the bat, but I happened to be lucky enough to have such an opportunity to kick off say hi to_ Creative. After KIDP (The Korean Institute of Design Promotion) held their annual contest to find the brightest up and coming designers from South Korea, they reached out to me to help bring them to Paris.

We were brought on to help introduce KIDP's selection of 30 Korean lifestyle and design brands (including MOTE who we featured earlier this year) to our beloved city of Paris during the Paris Design Week with a curated pop up space in the heart of Le Marais. 

Our role was to carefully curated team of Parisian and Korean creatives together to collaborate on bringing this three week Pop Up Shop to life through set design, communication design, fine art installation, creative food concepts and designer lectures to set the scene for KIDP’s selection of contemporary Korean Designers. We will be reporting more on this in the coming weeks. See you there!


Maison et Objet Discovery Jury

say hi to_ Maison et Objet

Earlier this year I was humbled and honored to be invited by THE design institution of design institutions in France, Maison et Objet to serve on their 'Discovery Jury' during Paris Design Week. We all know that locally this is the event of the year in France to discover new talent and see what everyone has been working on all year. We can not wait to see what new gems we discover next week and have had a little glimpse at some sculptural Tom Dixon vases we are eager to see in the flesh once they launch at M&O next week. Stay tuned as I will be reporting live on instagram with a first look at what we find. Now you know what I look like, if you see me at the fair feel free to say HI.


say hi to_ Print Magazine

Last but not least, it is time to officially announce that we have been working on a print magazine for the better half of a year. Do we have a background in publishing? no. Do we feel like there was a little niche to be filled? yes. 

I love traveling the world and discovering unknown gems in local creative communities. From talented young entrepreneurs, to spellbinding and innovative new initiatives and projects as well as learning from the masters who have paved the way.

I decided to put together a magazine (although it is 400 pages so it is leaning in the direction of a book), with a lot of hard work from a lot of very talented creatives. It allows us to learn from the masters, serve as a platform for the most innovative rising talent to show what their skills are and to allow us, the readers, to discover the international creative scenes in both English and the native language - one country at a time.

We start our journey with our beloved adopted country of France. Stay tuned as there will be much more on that soon...

say hi to_

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