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say hi to_ Holiday Guide | X. The Traveler

When Samantha and Lotte met on an excursion in Nairobi, these two, an unlikely match fell wildly in love. Samantha is an Australian archaeologist who love roughing it it in the outback, camping for weeks on end. Lotte, from the Netherlands on the other hand is a Furniture Designer who loves a luxury life, spas and sailing. 

The two strong passions the two have in common is for an undying thirst for adventure and technology. Lotte makes concessions for Samantha as long as camping turns into ‘Glamping’ and 8 hour hikes and excursions are followed up by a night under 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and morning facials at the spa. Both having a great sense of humour most trips are infused with a joke or two. They are known to send their friends the strangest postcards they can find and for flashing the camera in front of famous monuments across the globe. The Eiffel Tower, The Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Aztec ruins in Mexico have all seen a nipple or two.

See what these wild girls want to share for the holidays this season as we got a glimpse of their Holiday wish lists!


December 14, 2016


To bring with you

HAY Be Quiet Earplugs | Even earplugs can be beautiful | 4€


Tom Dixon Cog Keyring | Keep all of your keys in one place in a chic way | 40€


Pijama Sleeping Mask | For those long haul flights | 12€


Lotus Bud Outback Tent | The only way you’d get me in a tent | 905€ 


Guerrilla Cast - Bottle Opener | Beers around a campfire | 18€ 


Native Union Keychain Lighting to USB Cable | Put it on your keyring | 30€


Byredo Mohave Ghost Perfume | I’m sold on the name alone | 150€ 


Trunkster Carry on | It charges your phone, tells you how much it weighs - what more could you ask from a suitcase? |  348€


HAY Tann Toothbrush | Travel toothbrush | 4€


Pijama Series | To keep your toiletries, coins and laptop in | 23€+

say hi to_

Native Union - Phone Charger | For those of you who drain your phone instagramming on trips | 48€


Aesop - The Avid Explorer Body Kit | Pamper yourself while on the road | 105€


Native union BELT Cable | To be ready to charge your phone wherever you are | 23€


HAY Sleep Well Neck Pillow | To get a good sleep on the flight | 42€ 



The Travel Almanac | To read on the flight | 17€ 


36 hours in Latin America by Taschen | To plan adventures | 29€


Island Hotel Stories | For when you’re in between trips | 26€ 

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To go to

Newfoundland, Canada

Fogo Island Inn | Brutalism on a beautiful and remote island | 3 night stay for two starting at 4.060€


Tokamachi, Niigata, Japan

James Turrell House of Light | Sleep the night in a work of art | Starting at 60€ per person per night


Domaine des Andéols | Fine art in the lavender feels of Provence | Starting at 192€ per night 


Patagonia, Chile

Ecocamp Patagonia Wildlife Safari | Glamping in Patagonia | 2.533€ for 5 days in a camp suite dome + safari


Santorini, Greece

Kamari Natural Resort Santorini | For romantic and cultural travels | Starting at 324€ per night


Selfoss, Iceland

Ion Adventure Hotel | Fall asleep under the Northern Lights | Starting at 374€ per night 

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