say hi to_ Holiday Guide | VIII. The Minimalist

say hi to_ Holiday Guide | VIII. The Minimalist

Hiroto is a dashing middle aged Japanese still life photographer based out of Kyoto. He's contemplative, calm, a bit introverted and extremely OCD. This is probably precisely why he became a still life photographer. He prefers to spend his days meticulously setting up his photoshoots, where he has total control of lines and lights and to stay away from the bustle of the city and too many people and colors.

Hiroto is not a huge fan of colors, he thinks that man can not compete with the vast plethora of hues that nature creates. His favourite textures come from stone, wood and concrete, loving to adorn his home and studio in cedar and marble.

Hiroto has a pet peeve that dictates a lot in his life and thankfully he has his trusty and patient intern, Aoi to help him out. He HATES labels of any kind. Aoi originally wanted to learn from this master photographer as his first assistant but quickly found herself spending her days removing label after label of every single product in Hiroto's studio, refrigerator and even home. Living a life in earthy neutrals, Hiroto lives his minimalistic lifestyle to the max - label free.

Have a glimpe at the holiday gift guide Aoi put together for Hiroto, including a few pieces of clothing she hopes he is generous enough to gift her with this year!


The Home

COS x Hay Medium Marble Box | To keep your black thumbtacks in | 69€


Bolia Hannah Sofa | Lounge in contemporary sophistication | 1.719€ 

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Trays | Beautiful affordable trays to toss your keys and letters in | 93€ 


Bower x Studio Proba Pivot Fountain | Modern tranquility in the home | Price Upon Request


Concrete Desk Set | Keep everything neat and organized | 46€ 

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Broste Soap Dispenser Ceramic | No branding, no labels | 20€ 


Brote Vase Balder Marble | All marble everything | 79€


Flos Wall Lamp | The perfect light to come down to your couch while you read in the evening | 679€ 

say hi to_ Galerie Ultra Moderne Exhibition

Hasami Porcelain Natural Set | Zen morning tea | 24-67€


GUR Catarina Carreiras Rug | Minimalistically playful | 90€ 


Deutschecraft Block Pen Holder in Concrete | Perfectly organised | 24€ 


Broste Marble Chopping Board | There are enough colors in the produce | 37€ 


Souda Coasters | Keep your wooden surfaces safe | 44€ 


Ferm Living Half Candleholder | Simple staple | 31€ 


Serax Geoshape Paperweight in Cement | Geometry and Cement is a powerful combination | 10€ 


Kugel Ashtray by Fundamental Berlin | For when clients want to smoke | 75€


Vendredi Office Hand Soaps | So simple, so perfect | 21€


Fiddlehead Cantilever by Jason Miller | The most beautiful form of minimalism | 2.772€


Byredo Hand Creme - Suede | The only label he likes | 45€ 


Contemporary Black 'Vanishing Twin' Side Chair by Material Lust | One needs an epic work chair | 3.943€


Ferm Living Vase | Neutral colors, complex shapes | 33€


Nomess Black Thumbtacks | Colored thumbtacks drive him mad! | 3,57€


Good Thing Gather Vase | To put white flowers in | 28


The Granite Epoca Vase in Coal | To put black flowers in | 59€

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School of Thought Notebooks - The Minimalists | Minimalist notebooks for not so minimalistic thoughts| 18€


L'Esprit du Bauhaus | Bauhaus Love | 39€


Frank Hülsbömer's The Fiction of Science by Gestalten | Minimalistic Still-life perfection | 39€

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To Wear - Her

NEED Nancy Coat | To go to the fresh flower market in | 374€


Wool Melange Trousers | To take photos in | 79€ 


Céline Bam Bam Pump | To listen to minimal techno in | 650€

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To Wear - Him

Acne Melle Beige Jacket | To go for walks by the gray seaside | 650€ 


Acne Studios Adrian White Shoe | For urban exploring | 300€ 


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