say hi to_ Holiday Guide | VII. The Comtesse

say hi to_ Holiday Guide | VII. The Comtesse

'The Comtesse' couldn't have had LESS royal beginnings; growing up on Long Island, one hour outside of New York city to a Norwegian Jewish mother and an Irish Catholic father. She spent her childhood dreaming of far away lands and dashing foreign princes to whisk her away from dreary suburban life.

Fast forward 20 something years later and she lives in Paris about to divorce a French Comte - the famed 'Mad Comte', before her 30th birthday. Oh how far she has come. As she and her fluffy white Persian cat, Baby Otto von Bismarck, eagerly await their divorce settlement of a beautiful château in the champagne region - she is poorer than the local peasants.

An aloof, humorous - dare I say - charming, American girl who prefers all night political and business discussions over a few glasses of Champagne or Whiskey - than gossip, still has a sultry and feminine side. She spends her time between her Design Furniture Magazine and hours pampering in the bathtub and watching Netflix Serial Killer documentaries. 

Let's see what this Yankee Comtesse wants her loyal subjects to gift her and Baby Otto von Bismarck during her month long Hanukkah and Christmas festivities.


words + curation
Kristen de la Vallière

December 6, 2016

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In the bedroom

Studio Proba x Bower Nirvana Rug | You might not be the Queen but it’s your house - so you can have a throne if you want to | Price Upon Request


Cos x Hay Mega Dot Beadspread in royal purple | They don’t call it royal purple for nothin’ | 135€ 


Byredo Burning Rose Candle | A candle fit for contemporary royalty | 55€


Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia Shimmer side table | To keep your champagne glass on | 2.040€ 


Standard Architecture - California Cat Cube | A modernist vacation home for your cat to hide in | Price Upon Request


Flos Table Lamp by Michael Anastassiades | To steal back from your evil ex-husband (he doesn't even know who Michael Anastassiades is) | 342€ -


Cinnamon Projects Circa Incense Burner | To fill your boudoir with smokey fragrances | 139€ 


Agent Provocateur Rosalina Slip Black | To lounge in your boudoir | 1.265€ 


HAY Mirror Mirror | To admire yourself in and plan selfie angles | 58€ 


Quiet Storms Hand Blown Glass Ceramics Jewellery Box | To keep the diamonds your suiters buy you in | 242€ 


Cos x Hay - Bits and Bobs Glass Box | To keep one word love notes from your courtiers | 10€ 


Bower Water Mirrors | To admire yourself in passing | Inquire for Price


Latitudes Lighter by Tsubota Pearl | To light your VOGUE cigarettes | 33€ 


Hay Hangers | To hang all of your Céline garments on | 10€ 


Morihata Charcoal Eyemask | Purify your eyes while sleeping = real definition to beauty sleep|  21€ 


Agent Provocateur Felina Slip  | To surprise a knight at the end of a night out | 275€


Muun The Pillow | Did you ever read the Princess and the Pea? Well these days royals just want high quality pillows. So good, that even if you put a porcupine underneath this you wouldn’t feel it | 120€ 


Debbie Carlos - Crystalscapes Poster | Power crystals in large format | 60€ 


Studio Pepe Marble Mirror | To apply your rouge à levres | in 520€


Meyou Paris Cat Cube | Baby Otto von Bismarck’s throne | 149€ 


Maison du Soir Sydney in White Pyjama Set | For when you stay in bed all day and watch Netflix Documentaries | 54-119€

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For the Bathroom

Aesop Resolute Hydrating body Balm Tube | I love the color, the smell and the packaging en plus | 33€


Serge Lutens - 5 o’clock gingembre | Ginger, wood and spice - a sultry combination by famed Parisian parfumeur | 74€ 


Seem Soap | For when you are a royal but you can not afford diamonds and sapphires and love to take baths with luxurious gem shaped French luxury goods (exclusive collaboration with say hi to_) | 32€


Morihata Allblack Toothbrush | Luxurious and minimalistic ways to brush your teeth | 6,50€ 


Marvis Jasmine Toothpaste | Tastes like heaven | 6€


DusenDusen Towel | Nice motifs for your bathroom | 35€


AVEDA Shampure Shampoo + Conditioner | To keep your hair healthy in a luxurious bio kind of a way | 47-64€ 


Morihata Binchotan Facial Soap | I trust the Japanese with my face care | 27€ 


Mae Engelgeer - POP Bath rug | To add some color to your marble bathroom | 45€


Wary Meyers Terrazzo Bar of Soap | Add some confetti to that new years bath | 13€

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Supereditions - Draw your own book - The Freaky King and Queen | Make up your own story about that kinky couple who throws all the crazy parties and taxes you too much | 11€


Paris vs. New York | Fun illustrations to compare her two favourite cities | 13€

say hi to_ How to make a nation

How to Make a Nation: A Monocle Guide | Gotta start somewhere | 50€


To Wear

Céline Mink Coat | When you have to get out of the house and go to the Patisserie | 19.000€


Italian Leather Glove in Black | To sexily slip off for gentlemen men to kiss your hand | 139€ 


Céline Glasses | To read the news in | 223€ 


Lemaire Flaired Pants | Disco Boss Comtesse | 530€ 


Tibi Cecil Calf Mules | For casual mornings browsing the Louvre | 307€ 


Double Breasted Tailored Jacket in Black soft tailoring wool | When you meet with your advisors | 2.450€


Céline Dot Triple Long Earrings in Gold Brass | To wear to the Opera | 380€ 


Stelen Caspian Wide Leg Pant | Silky and wide legged in that Royal Blue | 47€ 


String of Pearls Massage Ring | To wear to court as a fabulous Comtesse by day and then to give a massage to the Comte by night | 4.370€ 


Céline Triangle Heel | To go to walk in your new Chateau for the first time in | 1.361€

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