say hi to_ Holiday Guide | VI. The Workaholic

say hi to_ Holiday Guide | VI. The Workaholic

Mía is a fiesty Argentinian girlboss who owns her own public relations firm in Buenos Aires. This small fireball of energy, with her slicked back hair and brightly coloured suits, runs from the meeting room to business lunches to events, back to the office and then back to show her face all of the important parties in town.

Dedicating herself body and soul to her flourishing company, she rarely has time to see her 'real' friends and certainly does not have time to date outside of the office. That is precisely why she has hired her lover, Santiago, as her intern - who you will find in her locked office everyday promptly from 3-3:45pm. But I didn't tell you.

She's also hired all of her friends who range from a colourful background of design and fashion lovers from all over South America. Extremely confident, sarcastic, with a charming and witty demeanour and sultry smile - it is hard not to love this little entrepreneur. 

Mía, loving luxury and anything playful in nature, shows us what she will buy herself for the holidays this year.


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Kristen de la Vallière

December 8, 2016


For the office

Daniel and Emma Stationary Container | To hide things | 69€ 


Tom Dixon - Cog Desk Tidy | Serious desks need serious desk organisation | 280€ 


Block Boxes | Looks like stone but it's bendy! | 46€ 


Conway Electric Extension Cord | Upgrade from your average ugly plug | 52€


Lines and Waves Desk by Tomàs Alonso for Victor Hunter Gallery | Every BOSS must have their marble throne | Price Upon Request


Bloc Studios - Mario Desk Organisator | To use as a statue or to hold your 50 cent paperclips | 675€ 


Corap Tupsy Writer | To hold your pen and or to play with when you're still at the office at 11pm | 33€ 


Wrong Design Notebooks | Notes CAN be fun guys | 18€


HAY Marble Erasers | Erasers can look like beautiful river stones | .36€ 


Block Containers by Sylvian Willenz for Victor Hunt Gallery | Even if you are terrible at your job, these will make you look like a professional | starting at 550€ + 


Areaway - Black Paper Clips | Show your boss you care about the details | 12€


Writers Block | Functional | 37€ 


Schoen Staub Terrazzo Project Carpet | To put on your office's Terrazzo floor | Price Upon Request 


Beyond Object - Cantili Tape Dispenser | So much more chic than those ghetto ass plastic things tape usually comes in | 107€ 


Tools to Live By - McGill Paper Clips | I just want to have them and not even use them | 14€


Jonah Takagi Lamp | This makes work so much more pleasurable | 739€ 


HAY Note Tower Block | For any stationary junkie | 22,61€


Tom Dixon Cog Pen Ball in Brass | To sign multimillion dollar contracts with | 75€


HAY Wooden Ruler Cube Painted | For when your intern needs a good spanking | 8€ 


Anglepoise Desklamp | Creme softens the classic desk lamp model | 265€


Snug Studio Column Wall Calendar | To write in important dates | 22€ 


Spring Scissors | The shapes | 21€


Hay Orange Fade | To organise all of your expense receipts | 29€ 


Block Containers by Sylvian Willenz for Victor Hunt Gallery | Adding bold colors to sophisticated desk organisation and fine art | Starting at 2.200€+ 


Geometric Stapler | Angles | 19€


Caran D’Ache - Ballpoint Pen in Rose | Everyone needs THEIR signature pen | 42€ 



Don’t get a job…. Make a job | I've read it, very inspiring. F*ck having a boss | 16,30€


The Monocle Guide to Good Business | So many inspiring stories from all different types of entrepreneurs (our review) | 49€ 


The 48 Laws of Power | Essential guide to staying ahead of the game in the dog eat dog world of business | 19€ 


#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso | From one girls to another | 7€


Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday | For all of your poor entrepreneurs like me | 13,85€ - 


Monocle Magazine | To be informed | 9,30€


What to wear to work | For her

 Céline Jacket in Peacock Bonded Wool Crepe | You could get any client in a Céline suit | 2.750€ 


Winden Jewerly Dollar Stud Earring | To remind you what you will finally have one day | 61,36€


LEMAIRE Pointed Collar Shirt | The color is a perfect spin on the classic shirt we all need in our wardrobe | 510€ 


Aeta Rucksack Medium | To carry your laptop to meetings, on the subway, on a vespa and beyond | 326€ 


COS Deep VNeck Cardigan | Cozy chic in a saturated nude | 125€ 


Jacquemus Arlequin | Business in the front, design freak in the back | 457€


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