say hi to_ Holiday Guide | IX. The Urbanite

say hi to_ Holiday Guide | IX. The Urbanite

Manny Wainwrong grew up in the UK spending his days behind the local supermarket skateboarding and spray painting the backs of buildings with his mates. He just so happened to IDOLIZE famed British skater, Danny Wainwright and took it as a sign that his name was so similar. He spent every day for 15 years trying to beat Danny’s record for the highest Olly in guinness book of world records. Sadly, as his name suggests - everything he did was just wrong. He broke most bones in his body, got arrested for his wall art and ended up being teased throughout British suburbia for being a lame rip off of Danny Wainwright.

There was in fact one thing that went right for Manny. All of his luck changed when he decided that the suburbs were definitely not for him and moved on to the sunnier skylines of Barcelona in Spain. Merging his love of design, fine art and skateboarding he opened a skateshop in the city centre focusing on limited edition skateboards designed by artists internationally. He also got to meeting a beautiful Swedish/Italian woman who the locals called ‘Sabiñorita’. 

Sabiñorita brought he graceful and feminine touch and together they started collecting prints from international illustrators and print makers. Their collection grew and grew until they opened a prints gallery celebrating young creators from around the world. They’ve since adopted a hotdogdog who Sabiñorita enjoys taking for walks on the beach and cleaning with wet wipes (something Manny still can’t quite figure out)

Not getting to escape the city much, they love to surround their home in plants and greenery and inspiring books which celebrate nature. Have a look at what this cool urban couple wants this year for the holidays.


December 13, 2016


The Home

Desert Days Blanket by BF GF | Because it is just too bloody cool | 165€


Element x Atelier Bingo Skateboard Series | For those of you who are part of the Atelier Bingo Cult | 64€


Debbie Carlos Jellies Poster | Monochrome and Jellies | 43€ 


Ferm Living Hexagon Bottle Opener | For those rooftop Cervesas | 31€ 


Nice Grill Dog Leash | To take your dog to the dog park | 40€+


HAY Strike Matches | Colourful object and matches | 6€ 


Oscar Niemeyer Windows by Hiroyuki Ishii x say hi to_ Print | Limited edition commissioned art by us (article) | 70-100€


Tired Skateboard | For when you get tired after your first olly | 50€ 


Ferm Living Semicircle Stand in Brass | A nice little holder for all of those bills you don’t want to open | 86€ 


Hip Haven Plant Pot | For a cluster of multi level greenery | 175€


HAY Terrazzo Pencil | To scribble down notes with some extra terrazzo | 2,38€ 


Brick Blanket | If you love exposed brick so much that you want to wrap yourself in it | 180€ 


Debbie Carlos Palms Poster | Urban Jungle | 43€ 


Chocolate Skateboards Modern Homes Series Skateboard | The most amazing skateboards I’ve ever seen @!€* |  66€


Groduk Boucar x say hi to_ 'Fontaine vue Ouest' Limited Edition Exclusive Screenprints


HAY Eclectic Bright Green Cushion | With all of the asphalt you need a bit of green in the home | 58€ 


Statue of Liberty Candle | Relics from skate trips to New York | 14€ 


Peter Judson Studio No. 1 | Chaotic urban apartment inspiration | 84€


BF GF Vessels Beach Towel l For siestas on the beach l 75€




Cabin Porn | When you want to get away from it all but stay in your flat | 24€ 


Kinfolk Any self respecting Urbanite should have a copy on their coffee table 17€


The Tales of Tomorrow by Gestalten | Modernist Home Dreaming | 56€


To Wear

Paloma Wool Leandra Shirt | To browse flower markets on Sunday | 79€ 


Marni Rigide Resin Bracelet | A statement bracelet to wear to book launches | 200€ 


Acne Skin 5 rw Jean | Every city girl needs their classic pair of jeans | 170€  


Jacquemus Arlequin Boots | The perfect city day boot | 500€


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