say hi to_ Holiday Guide | V. The Philosopher

say hi to_ Holiday Guide | V. The Philosopher

Raj grew up in Shimla, an old English outpost in the more temperate climate of the mountains of northern India. He was raised in a hardworking family with six siblings and was expected to continue in the family’s business. Always the black sheep of the family, he was a colourful boy who preferred reading and with a love for the Greek classics, taught himself ancient Greek on top of being fluent in Latin, Punjab, English, Italian and Russian. 

Needless to say, Raj had a few tricks up his sleeve and was always able to get out of doing any hard work and spending the day in bed with a novel instead. Raj is a hypochondriac; he learned early on in life, if he was sick, he was allowed to stay inside and read in bed. 

Now, at 30, with a thick black moustache and piercing green eyes, he lives in stately wood panelled home with his boyfriend George. You can imagine Raj a bit like a handsome Indian Woody Allen mixed with Oscar Wilde. Usually in or around the bed, almost always in his light blue pajamas, with his yellow Canary Tooie, a whiskey which he never actually drinks and a book - Raj is a true blue homebody philosopher. George, a wealthy hotelier from London, finances Raj’s struggling writing career and enjoys finding undiscovered independent designers to bring back to Raj from his travels.

Let’s have a look at what this this handsome, anxious intellectual wants George to bring back for the holidays this year.


Kristen de la Vallière

December 7, 2016


In the Bureau

Tom Dixon Candelabra Set | For late night studying | 145-275€


Carey Sofa | Classic brown leather | 1.299€ 

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Byredo Bibliothèque Candle | The smokey bureau ambiance | 60€


Marble Balancing Blocks | To practice your concentration in a luxurious way | 175€


Areaware Balancing Blocks | To practice your concentration for less money | 45€


The School of Life - Philosophical Pencil Set | Each pencil with a philosophical keyword | 14€


Scott Armchair | To sip whiskey and ponder life in | 821€


FAUX Poster Collection | Fake it 'til you make it marble edition 101 | 41€


Pare Table Lamp | Olive table lamp | 1.109€


Balance Studies 101 by Ladies and Gentlemen | Beautiful desk toys | 256€


COS x Hay Medium Time Glass | To watch how long it takes for you to come up with new life changing theories | 19€


Menu Stone Table Lamp | A chestnut glow for the office | 202€ 


L'Objet Magnifying Glass | What gentleman doesn't have a monocle? | 47€


Georg Jensen Alfredo Vase | You won't put flowers in it but you need to build the ambiance | 165€


Vitsoe 606 Universal Shelving System | The perfect modern library | 454€ 


Tom Dixon Slab Desk in Fumed Oak | To write books on | 2.160€


By the Fireplace

Drink Rocks | To chill your whiskey without watering it down | 33€


Areaware Liquid Body Flask | To sip on the subway commute home while reading Proust | 56€

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The Proust Questionnaire | To test yourself | 45€


Octaveo Philosophy Notes | Aristotle's advice comes as a free bonus | 17,50€


 We Are Dandy by Gestalten | To admire other international Dandys | 45€


To Wear

Woven Bucket Bag | The perfect size for all of those books | 589€


Sleepy Jones Pajamas | To stay all bed working in | 97-136€


Acne Studios Stanley Check Jacket | To smoke a cigar in | 570€ 


Acne Studios Kas Sweater | Pondering life in a cozy sweater on those cold desert nights | 300€ 


Engineered Garments Banded Collar Shirt | To go to the library in | 223€


Acne Pro Wool Trousers | Casual and dapper | 270€ 


Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot in Brown | Sophisticated and laid back | 335€

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