say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | II. The Workaholic

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | II. The Workaholic

Harlow and Jack own a Photo Production Company in Cape Town, South Africa. If you've ever met a photo producer then you know, you don't leave the office before 11pm and oftentimes find yourself on set at the crack of dawn to get the good light. Harlow may have a husband of her own but not only is Jack her business partner, but her gay husband and dare I say, her favourite husband at that. He does have much better taste after all.

Jack absolutely loves to spoil his overly excited, petite, business partner, who -literally dies- anytime he comes back from an exotic production abroad bearing gifts. He gets a kick out of her theatrical reactions over stationary, which just encourages him to keep on shopping.

With the amount of time they spend at their desks putting out fires for clients and popping the occasional Xanax (or two?) - it has better look damn good. That is exactly why for the holidays, Harlow and Jack spoil each other (and therefore also themselves) with beautiful accessories to make their long days at the office all the more colorful/bearable. 

Have a look at some of the goodies Harlow and Jack plan to spoil themselves, I mean each other, with this year.


November 30, 2017

The Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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'Navy iPhone Case' by EENK | When you need your iPhone case to be chic and functional for taking selfies on set and propping up on your desk to watch NOWNESS videos | $ 68


'Wagon M Photo Holder' by Marlo and Isaure | To put photos on your desk from all of your exotic productions abroad | 40 - 80 €


'Envelope Folder Large Serious Structure' by Normann Copenhagen | To keep your files dry on your way to that afternoon PPM | 33,50 €


'Herringbone Desk Series - Pen Pot and Tray' by Philip Cuttance | To hold your gold pens and passport | 54 - 68 €


'Supernova Notebook' by O-Check | To write down your 4 page to-do list for the day... | 6 €

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'Leather Mouse Pad' by Field | Because your iMac is on a glass desk | $ 119 


'Marcello Desk' by Youth Editions | To get rid of your boring glass desk | 3.800 €


'Green Cube Notecard' by Millimeter Milligram | To write modern Holiday Cards to your clients | 4 €


'Ballpoint Pen' by YStudio | Because signing something always feels more important with a heavy gold pen | $ 99


'Sticky Notes' by HAY | Post-It S/S 2018 | 5 €


'Bottle Humidifier' by Elevenplus | To keep hydraded throughout the day when you don't even have enough time to leave your desk to fetch a bottle of water | 45 €


'Horizon Notebook' by HAY | Let's be realistic, you have so much to do you have way more than one notebook | 5,95 €

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