say hi to_ Holiday Guide '18 | III. The Tastemaker

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '18 | III. The Tastemaker

Inari is a chain smoking psychic from Helsinki who has a love for interesting textures and materials. She has somewhat of a cult following not only limited to Finland, but all over Scandinavia.. One would think she must have excellent psychic abilities, for those to travel far and wide to see her but it could be said that her eccentric personality and taste could be more part of her allure than anything.

Let’s see what this muse has her dedicated followers bringing her this year for the holidays!


December 9, 2018

The Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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‘Load Vase’ by Anna Harstrom | Intended as a vase, ended up as a nebulous ash tray | $39


‘Holi Vase’ by Hava Studio | Mystical vase or crystal ball? | 320 - 450 €


‘Chamber Choker’ by Bedazzled | For casual days | $555


‘Golden Fortune Cookie’ by Coming Soon | To write down to the point fortunes | $30


‘Push Bowl’ for Fundamental.Berlin | To shape one’s own futuristic tips bowl | 19,90 €


‘Juliet Vessel’ by Anna Karlin | Love potions and brandy | $110


‘INCENSE and ASH ashtray and incense holder’ by Concrete Cat | The incense holder to add to the mood (/ashtray) | $100


‘Quiet Dawn Soap’ by MOTE | For a sensory experience even when in the bathroom | $22 - 44


‘Hues Bag’ by EENK | Textures and lots of options | $180


‘Pattern Card’ by Dotsy | To send her a note to tell her that your fortune came true | 9 €


‘Why Materials Matter’ by Seetal Solanki | To learn a little bit about all of the materials and textures in the objects you find around her atelier | 25£

say hi to_ Ben Medansky

‘Domino Ash Tray’ by Ben Medansky | An ashtray for every room | $350


‘Field Stones Blanket’ by Cold Picnic | To add a pop of color to those dark Scandinavian winter nights | $200

say hi to_ W + P Design

‘Bauhaus Puzzle’ by W + P Design | For when all of the clients have finally gone home | $20

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