say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | I. The Tastemaker

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | I. The Tastemaker

Avid print magazine devourer, 1970's brass, curves, bold colored velvet junkie and futuristic design advocate - Freja, Copenhagen's 'It-Girl' (although she would HATE to be called that) has perfect taste in everything. With her own eponymous jewellery line, which made it big thanks to Instagram, Freja is part of the young experimental creative generation in Denmark. They're shaking up old stereotypes of classic Danish design by injecting it with a dash of color and innovation, while still retaining that refined taste which Scandinavia is famous for.

On one hand, Freja is passionate about supporting local creatives and brands, on and off of her - dare I say - famous and provocative Instagram account. On the other hand she has an obsession with South Korean design, where she frequently visits, feeling privileged to have discovered Asia's coolest up and coming design scene, before everybody else back home.

Generating design envy with frequent photos of design gems she finds in Seoul, we're glad we got a peek at her Holiday Wishlist including some exotic South Korean design finds we can also get our paws on here in the West. Not to mention, an trendsetting insider's guide to the most coveted design products from a new generation of experimental creatives.

Have a look at what this Danish Tastemaker put on her Holiday Wishlist this year!


November 27, 2017

The Holiday Gift Guide 2017

say hi to_

'Treasures 2' Fine Art Print by Anny Wang | The perfect cocktail party conversation piece | 162 €


'Handybag' by EENK | Because it's impossible to find the perfect minimal and cool bag (you're welcome) | $ 215


'OEE Bowl' by Jeroen van de Gruiter | To have an extravagent throne for your keys | 504 €


'Lavastone Scent Diffuser' by MENUHA | Because it is not possible to find a cooler way to make your house smell sexy | 119 €


'Stacks Bench' by Another Human | For all of those unexpected guests | $ 3,300


'Paradoxe Soap' by say hi to_ x Seem Soap | For functional bathroom sculptures | 32 €


'Issue #1: Red Sindrom' Sindrom Magazine | To read about topics around a central theme of color | 23 €


'Curva Magazine Holder' by AYTM | To showcase your magazine collection | 200 €


'Bold Rhythms Inversion Earrings' by Uncommon Matters | To make sure to get photographed at that press event | 288 €


'Metallic Boxes' by Normann Copenhagen | To organise all of your less than beautiful things in | 54 €


'Chandelier' by Sabine Marcelis | Sorry bitch, you can't afford it | 26.640 €


'Bump Vases' by Tom Dixon | To perfect that 70's interior vibe | 70 - 130 €

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