say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | IV. The Philosopher

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | IV. The Philosopher

Ciarán is an architect and self proclaimed philosopher hailing from Dublin, Ireland. He has an obsession with DDR Germany, politics and like most of his Irish comrades, the perfectly poured pint of Guinness. If while debating politics with the lads or daydreaming about the new buildings he dreams to design, his pint is served without being poured correctly ... he will call you out on it. 

Although an architect by trade, he is a feisty and overly opinionated political activist and philosopher. Not the kind you want to unfollow in your Facebook newsfeed, for what this Irishman lacks in censorship he makes up with overwhelming charm and wit. He has the ability to change anyones mind and his true talent for storytelling can even make the person with the least bit of interest in DDR German architecture, foam at the mouth to hear more. 

This Christmas he has a few things he would love to add to his Georgian styled townhouse on Merrion Square this year.


December 2, 2017

The Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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'Beer Foamer' by MENU | For the perfect pint at home | $ 29


'Ficus Lyrata' by Romain Laprade | A dose of modernism for above the Georgian fireplace | 400 €


'Incense' by Menuha | To set the mood for philosophizing | 42 €

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Pli Architecture Review | To keep up to date by -in the know- Architects | 30 €


'Sound1 Speaker' by Elevenplus | To listen to The Pogues at Christmas Time | $ 69


'Bauhaus Green' by Garance Vallée | For the love of Le Corbusier | 55 - 75 €


'Collect Corkscrew' by Fort Standard | To always be prepared | $ 75


'DDR Limited' by Gestalten | To show your friend's what it's all about | 29,99 €


'Wire S #6' by Muller van Severen | To daydream in | 6.600 €


'Kugel Ashtray or Set' by Fundamental Berlin | To hide the fact that you still smoke from your overbearing wife | 39,90 - 49,90 €

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