say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | V. The Naturalist

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | V. The Naturalist

Eve grew up outside of Vancouver to a Japanese father and a Canadian mother. Her parents owned an organic textiles manufacturer and raised her to appreciate high quality organic goods. They spent most weekends hiking and taking advantage of the inspiring and wild nature surrounding them.

Eve is now managing a community garden on the side of her role doing communications at her family's company. Her mind is always buzzing with ideas and creative noise, which is exactly why it is so important for her to keep her apartment and environment neutral, clean and full of green plants.

Her girlfriend Pia is boisterous and high strung with a high pressure job in banking. Pia always spoils her gentle Eve, each holiday season, with what ever her heart desires. She knows that Eve is sensitive to beautiful and exquisite materials, whether that be high quality textiles or Carrera marble and trusts her judgement and taste in everything concerning the household.

Eve, calm and collected, is the ying to Pia's yang and definitely keeps their home inspiring and balanced. See what eco friendly, high quality natural goods Eve has on her holiday list this year.


December 3, 2017

The Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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'Hug Throw' by La Douzaine | Supporting independent makers and for high quality snuggles | $ 200

say hi to_ Evergreen Book by Gestalten

Evergreen by Gestalten | To inspire your inner green | 39,90 €


'Setup Candleholder' by Jonah Takagi | It's all in the marble details | $ 225


'Copper Watering Can' by Paul Loebach | To tend to your garden in style | $ 120


'Planters' by Fernando Mastrangelo | For your most precious Ficus Lyrata | $ 4.500


'Artifact Mug' by Malka Dina | For early morning expressos | $ 56


'Wood Diffuser' by Aoiro | To fill your home with a Japanese crafted olfactory experience | 39,90 €


"Marble No 2" Black Modern Yoga Mat | Because everything should be done on marble if possible | $ 75


'Porcelain Planter' by Andrew Molleur | To show off your plant collection | $ 350 - 500


'Stilla Clock' by AYTM | Even though you haven't read a read clock since smartphones have been invented | 135 €


'Origami Planter' by Trey Jones Studio | Because you really do need a lot of planters for that collection | $ 575

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