say hi to_ Holiday Guide '18 | II. The Minimalist

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '18 | II. The Minimalist

David is a graphic designer who works with DJs in Detroit and loves to have a clean minimalistic home and workplace to keep his mind clear while designing. Always dressed in black Commes des Garçons and Martin Margiela with his trusty pair of light grey Nikes - he likes to add small pops of color in his accessories as long as they come in clean, simple lines. Always late for every appointment (when getting stuck in his headphones and creative mode, so he says) his girlfriend Ida keeps getting him time keeping objects in hope that he will get the hint.

Let’s see what he has on his Hanukkah Wishlist this year!


December 9, 2018

The Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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say hi to_ Normann Copenhagen

‘Bold Wall Clock’ by Normann Copenhagen | With clock hands that big, he could easily still have 5 more minutes - right? | $80


‘Back to Basics Mirror’ by Atelier Aveus | A minimalistic mirror with an edge | 500 €


‘Card Wallet ver 2’ by Millimeter Milligram | A pop of color and no extra hassle | $33


‘Prisme Speakers’ by Lexon | Is it a sculpture or a speaker? | $167


‘Black Rebel Watch’ by Swatch | If he MUST wear a watch… | $75


‘Menorah!’ by Ben Medansky | It would be hard to find a more beautiful, minimalistic Menorah than this… | $220


‘Holocene No.1 Oil Lamp’ by Wastberg | For late nights at his desk | $228


Tykho Bluetooth Wireless Speaker’ by Lexon | For parties on the go | $71


‘Shallow Bowls’ by Finn Ahlgren | To get a bit crazy in the office while still keeping it minimalistic | 166 - 600 €


‘RayRay Neon Light’ by Kompaniet | The perfect pop of color for his all white house | $1,110


‘Peas Hub’ by Lexon | Because there are never enough ports | $35


‘VK1 Classic’ by Aedle | To have an excuse to why he was late | $350

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