say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | X. The Minimalist

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | X. The Minimalist

Ezra grew up in Tel Aviv to two hardworking parents perhaps poor in material wealth but rich in good taste in minimalistic design. They always had Scandinavian interior magazines laying around to dream, as they were not able to buy the actual pieces for their home.

Nowadays Ezra owns an organic bistrot in the Florentin district and made a name for himself DJing during his Berlin days. Living in a small loft, he is very picky about what he actually buys to put inside. He loves everything about sleek and simple Scandinavian forms but prefers when he can find them with a touch of unexpected color. Thanks to his success he is excited to finally spoil his lovable parents this year with a few Minimalistic design pieces. Of course he has a few pieces he would love to get himself this Hannukah.

Have a look at what this Israeli Minimalist hopes to get one of these 8 nights of Hannukah this year.


December 8, 2017

The Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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say hi to_ Eny Lee Parker

'WT Lamp' by Eny Lee Parker | The perfect minimalist statement lamp | $ 800


'The Candle Collection' by Keap BK | Organic and pure chemistry and  also a gift for each family member | $ 120


'Stem Vase' by MENU | It's all about the one stemmed vase baby | 170 €


'Alwin Mug' by AANDERSSON | To add just a little something different | $ 24


'Equilibrium_02' by Stephen Brusson | For true blue minimalists who also love color | 90 €


'Daypack' by AMENT | To toss your records and laptop in when cycling over to the studio | $ 100


'META Side Table' by New Tendency | The say hi to_ Minimalist is not afraid of pink or contemporary shapes | 360 €


'Wholly Whole Horizontal Necklace' by Heidi Jalkh x Iskin Jewelry | For your cooler-than-you sister | $ 210


'Desk Sculptures' by Kristina Damm | Because not everything has to have a purpose if it's cool... | 120 €


'Tip Table Lamp' by Muuto | Subtle and Bold at the same time | 269 €


'Oblique Tray' by found/Founded | This is THE color grey | 19 €


'Small Homes, Grand Living' by Gestalten | To learn how to work with that small chic loft of yours | 39,99 €


'Line Mirror' by BOWER | Because you always feel good looking at yourself through a ridiculously expensive and cool mirror | $ 6.500

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