say hi to_ Holiday Guide '18 | I. The Gourmand

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '18 | I. The Gourmand

Tia is an Australian expat living in Berlin with a small coffee shop in Prenzlaurberg. Looking like a 1960’s French actress, she has a love for all things modernist and retro. She spends her Sundays at Maur Park searching for vintage modernist pieces and wandering Mitte’s design shops for unique one-of-a-kind objects for her coffee shop and home. With a playful spirit she is oftentimes drawn to bold colors and minimalistic organic shapes. The color palette of her coffee shop, a mix of contemporary pastels and neutrals and burnt vintage hues - she has a quite specific holiday Wishlist this year.

Let’s see what she’s hoping to find for this holidays this year!


December 7, 2018

The Holiday Gift Guide 2018

say hi to_

‘Svart Hexagon Mug’ by Carl August Sandgren | Because even Australian Flat Whites taste better out of a mug like this | $ 39


‘The Brew Set’ by W and P Design | To educate her friends | $ 90


‘Paloma Trays’ by Wetter Indochine | For serving tartlettes aux fraises and café crèmes | $72


‘Ice Cream Mirror by Bride & Wolfe’ for Kinder Modern | La vie en rose flavoured ice cream | $275


‘Purpur Teapot and Cups’ by Roxanne Flick | For when someone offensively prefers tea to Tia’s perfect flat white | $91 - 103


‘Face Bottlestopper’ by Carl Aubock | To keep the Riesling fresh after an after work glass | $235


‘Negre en Filo Cheese Knives’ by Errante | Who said cheese doesn’t go with coffee? | $ 105


‘Swim Chair by Margaux Keller’ for Bibelo | To add some subtle color and modernity to a concrete space | 185 €


‘Caractere Dinner Plate by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance’ for Revol | For when the friends come over for dinner after closing time | $50


‘Pepper Mortar’ by Sigve Knutson x Thomas Ballouhey | Because crushing pepper just became fun and chic | 108 €


‘Salt and Pepper Mill by Muller van Severen’ for Valerie Objects | If this isn’t the perfect 1960’s touch to the kitchen, then I don’t know what is | 90 €

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