say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | VII. The Gourmand

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | VII. The Gourmand

Ólafur is a Michelin star chef with a restaurant in Reykjavik, Iceland. I know what you're thinking - dried herring, hotdogs and cured shark ... doesn't make me want to hop on a flight to Reykjavik for dinner. So Icelandic cuisine may not be for everyone but one of the reasons Ólafur earned those stars was for putting a contemporary fusion touch to traditional Icelandic dishes. Growing up between Iceland and Brazil has certainly influenced his truly unique dishes. One could even call it art.

For those who are still not convinced, there is something about Ólafur which is almost as impressive as his creativity in the kitchen - his taste in kitchenware. He loves innovative designers who use material and color in unexpected ways to create something simple yet fresh. Bright colors meet earthy textures in Ólafur's kitchen and we were so happy to have had the chance to see which additions he would like to make this year.

Have a look at what is on this Michelin Star Chef's Holiday Wishlist this year...


December 5, 2017

The Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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'Max Lamb Crockery Series' by 1882 Ltd | To fit Reykjavik's authentic meets futuristic vibes | 45 - 115 €


'Trivets' by Muller van Severen | Much nicer than your grandma's average knitted pot holder | 110 €


'TR-001W Tray' by Lixht | To present your perfect dish | $ 145


'Callanish Coffee Pot With Filter' by Collin Velkhoff | Because coffee doesn't get any more contemporary cool than this | 200 €


'Set of Double-Wall 16oz Glasses' by Yield | To play with colored cocktails in | 50 €


'Pebble Board' by Normann Copenhagen | Because putting dried fish on marble might make it more apetizing? | 74 €


'Cutlery Gift Box' by Valerie_projects | To have a touch of Scandinavian Minimalism | 250 €


'Form Sugar Dish with Spoon' by Tom Dixon | Sugar tastes better when it comes from a golden dish. Proved fact. | 78 €


'Mara Paper Towel Holder' by Hawkins New York | Because an ugly Paper Towel holder could jeopordize the whole kitchen | $ 120


'Table Set' by Scandola Marmi  | Presentation is everything | 109 €


'Strøm Jug' by Raawii | To add a bit of fun to your table | 63 €

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