say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | X. The Daydreamer

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | X. The Daydreamer

Marie-Alexandra was the hippest bourgeois Parisian babe you have ever met. I know what you're thinking, a stuck up 'Madame de la Something or Other' but you couldn't be farther from the truth. Despite growing up quite wealthy, in a Hôtel Particulier in the 16th arrondissement - this true blue daydreamer threw it all to the wind to start her own company and spend weekends in Biarritz with her surfer boyfriend.

At her boring day job she normally 'passait la journée' daydreaming about having her own company. She concocted a plan to get fired from her job, using her unemployment money to pay her bills while she built her own thing. When she's not working from home on her Children's Brand she is found spray painting French love notes and occasionally getting arrested by the cops (her French babe charm gets her out of it everytime) or going to Chinese Karaoke 2-3 times a week in Belleville. She loves bright and pastel hues, colors and moods reminiscent of 1960's 'Nouvelle Vague' French movies, playful children's books and all those modernist vibes.

We're excited to see where the French tax payers money is going this year in this day dreamer, Marie-Alexandra's Holiday Wishlist.


December 7, 2017

The Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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'Palais Bulles Afternoon Studies Art Print' by Jonathan Niclaus | Ode to the classic French Modernist Mecca | 135 €


'Boschroom Shelves' by David Derksen | Pearly perfection to showcase your design gems | 50 - 90 €


'Mellow Collection Vases' by Hattern | Because what daydreamer doesn't love acrylic ombrés? | 179 €


'Entrepreneur' by Kinfolk | To plot your escape to Entrepreneurial freedom | $ 35


'Perry Throw' by Slowdown Studio | To add to your Slowdown Studio blanket collection | $ 230


'Rare Sky Soap' by MOTE.Seoul | Sculpture or Soap? | 23 €


'Throne Limited Edition Puzzle and Print' by BOWER | The coolest modern puzzle AND print | $ 150


'Mini Bipolar Earrings' by Jiwon Choi | When you don't want to take life too seriously | 160 €


'Inside Utopia' by Gestalten | To daydream about your future modernist dream villa | 49,90 €


'Teal Artifort Orange Slice Chair' by Pierre Paulin | To make deals in | 1.750 €


'Closing Credits Rug' by Cold Picnic | When your carpet is art | $ 135


'Split Vase' by Lim and Lu | You don't even need flowers | 255 €


'Ma Petite Vie' by Mathilde Cabanas and Alexandra Remise | To teach your kids French Chic from an early age | 11 €


'V Collection Vases' by Le Morandine | To put the wildflowers you picked on your walk through Tuileries. Shh. | 95 - 150 €

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