say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | VII. The Comtesse

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | VII. The Comtesse

Julieth del Castillo was a fourteenth generation Spanish 'Condesa' whose family emigrated to Colombia in the 1600's. A modern day Condesa, she preferred earning her money making business deals, from bed, on her smartphone to touching her inheritance. And for that, she was a pro... She was elegant, sharp as a whip and loved ridiculously rich European men with yachts in Portofino. She could talk her way into anything.

An avid collector of beautiful marble pieces, she recently found a Marble throne that needed to be added to her collection as the Holy Grail, mother of all home design finds. After her recent nose job, she couldn't be seen in public and needed to make sure that her bedroom/office/throne was as luxe and comfortable to the max.

Have a look at what this business savvy and luxurious Colombian Condesa wants for the Holidays this year...


December 6, 2017

The Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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'Saturn Tray' by MENUHA | To make sure your diamond earrings don't get lost after a champagne infused night | 132 €


'Chromatic Indicators B Enamelled Gold Ring' by Aliita | Modern Royal Jewels | 330 €


'Odd Couple Bookends' by Hava Studio | Modernly elegant way to showcase your Artbook Collection | 582 €


'Deep Canyon Candle' by MOTE | To add a fresh and lavish scent to your 55sqm walk in closet | 55 €


'Wave Stool' by Haymann | To sit on while you try all of your face masks in the mirror | 1.188 €


'Francine Sheet Set' by Frette | True luxury is feeling like you sleep in a 5 star hotel every night | $ 275


' ''Blur'' Secret Glow Skin Refining 4-in-1 Primer' by Erborian | To keep that skin looking flawless | 14 €


'Marble Bed' by Rick Owens | Thy throne | Price Upon Request


'Casca Bowl Crystal and Silver' by Anna Rabinowicz  | To keep rich men's business cards | 400 €


'Saturno Incense Burner' by Bloc Studios | There is no mood without incense. In an 800 euro incense holder. | 854 €


Age-Defying Snail Hydro-Gel Face Mask Sheet | The fountain of youth | price €


'Dita Table Mirror' by Pulpo | How's the new nose doin'? | 290 €

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