say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | III. The Artist

say hi to_ Holiday Guide '17 | III. The Artist

Rae, a fine artist, is the opposite of a tortured painter. She grew up in an jovial and affluent African American family in New Orleans and has an sunny optimism not often associated with the stereotype of the struggling emerging artist.

A firm believer and practicer of Hoodoo (positive folk magic), she is interested in everything mystical and is deeply rooted to the local culture and traditions in her home city. Rae holds a firm belief that part of her positivity and well balanced life comes from power crystals and the practice of 'white magic'.

Although having more money than she knows what to do with at her disposal, she rarely splurges on anything that doesn't have a solid story behind it and or without knowing that she is supporting another great up and coming artist from her network. She is apart of the generation who is interested in investing in other creatives following their passions. Rae loves nothing more than to see her friends and fellow artists thrive and be able to pay the bills doing what they love. Not to mention her love of exquisite fine art and hand crafted pieces. 

She plans on hosting her annual 'Artists Secret Santa' this year and here are a few of the pieces of her friends she hopes to get her hands on.


December 1, 2017

The Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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'The Industrial Plastic Waste Shelf in Blue' by Studio Thier van Daalen | To add a one of a kind pop of color to one's industrial white studio | 250 €


Mineral Bottle #67 and Quartz Obelisk by Chad Wentzel | Handcrafted one of a kind pieces programmed for positivity using moonlight and Pacific Sea Salt | $ 100 - 375

say hi to_ LRNCE

'Terra Cotta Blanket' by LRNCE | To snuggle in art | 375 €


 'Squiggles Tray and Coasters' by Another Human | To serve drinks at the holiday party | $ 200

say hi to_ Leuchtturm1917

 'A4 Sketchbook' by Leuchtturm1917 | To sketch up new ideas | 22,95 €


photo_ Sasa Stucin


' Wall Lamp / Vase' by Soft Baroque for Etage Projects | To light up your workspace and add a bit of greenery | Price Upon Request


'Poppy Pillows' by Studio TrulyTruly x FEST Amsterdam | To add some color to your atelier | 47,50 €


 'Single Earpendant' by Luiny | To wear to your vernissage | $ 96


 'Desktop Mountains' by Devra Freelander | To make you dream while writing invoices | $ 350


'Ren Hang' by Tascen | To honor fallen contemporary Art Gods | 39,99 €


 'Collected Conversations 17' by Kristin Texeira | Because every artist loves color and a being a bit provocative | $ 150

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