say hi to_ Holiday Guide | I. The Artist

say hi to_ Holiday Guide | I. The Artist

The daughter of an Anthropology professor and Jewellery designer growing up in the suburbs of Milwaukee. Selma grew up celebrating the holidays with family around a menorah; enjoying latkes and eight nights of gifts. Her parents encouraged her to explore her creative side as a child and she later became a psychologist specialising in Art Therapy. Selma now lives in Berlin Mitte, in an spacious loft with her boyfriend, a music producer, Jens.

Her style is admittedly a bit eccentric and over the top, yet always polished in that way where you wish you would have had thought of it first. She has a physical resemblance to Natalie Portman with a bob and the style of a 2016esque Annie Hall. She feels most comfortable in spaces saturated in color, collects interesting accessories with a soft spot for geometry, a passion for handmade goods and dreams to have a contemporary art collection to rival Larry and Marilyn Fields one day.

Have a peek at some things we could imagine being on Selma's holiday gift list this year for her + Jens. Perhaps they will inspire you, if you are shopping for your own artist or musician this year.


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Kristen de la Vallière

December 4, 2016

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The Home

Hay Kaleido Tray | Who said organisation couldn't be fun? | 13-59€


Seeing Glass big Round - Sabine Marcelis and Brit van Nerven | Stunning colors and glasswork made by two girl bosses | 3.432€


Janus Paper Vase | Fine Art and Flowers | 18,50€


Guy Yanai Painting | This is what you can get me | Price Upon Request


Romina Gris Velvet Vessel | Bright handmade relics from Spain | 68€


Ettore Sottsass Cabinet by Felicity Marshall x say hi to_ Print | Limited edition commissioned art by us (article) | 70-100€


Wonmin Park Haze Stool | Smoked resin bold and neutral colors | Price Upon Request


Studio Proba Rugs | Trust me, this one is the perfect unique gift. I mean, look at it. | 450€


Germans Ermics Purple Dusk Mirror | Functional, beautiful, design and fine art. Perfection on every level | 1.768€


Ben Medansky Soleri Cachepot  | Handmade in Los Angeles. Store your jellybeans, lighters, condoms, paper clips... | 141€


Marleigh Culver Print | Bold colors to fill up a bright loft | 103€


Vase by Guillaume Delvigne for La Chance | So beautiful you don't even need to put anything in it | 2.076€


HAY Copenhagen Horizon Notebook | Make notes fun again | 5.95€


Shape Up Lamp by Ladies and Gentlemen Studio | Centrepiece of the home and conversation starter | 7.315


Slowdown Studio x Daniel Fletcher Blanket | Cuddle up with contemporary art | 206€

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The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins | Full of inspiring case studies | 10€


Start Me Up! by Gestalten | Bold branding ideas from creative business' around the world (our review) | 45€

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To Wear

Short City Coat by Margaret Howell | A Modern classic to get you through the winter | 1.200€


Tibi Cozy Cut Shoulder Pullover | Sexy, Asymmetrical and Warm | 370€


Just Female Feline Jumpsuit | For those days you don't know what to wear | 195€


Kara Gold Circle Clutch | All artists know it's all in the accents | 183€ 


Farrow Luna Button Up Dress | For New Years in Mallorca | 32€


LoQ Lucia in Brandi Leather Mules | Comfortable and Chic | 305€


Kathleen Whitaker Rock Ring in Pyrite | Artists don't wear diamonds | 469€


Trademark Patent Trench | Modern Day Annie Hall much? Need. | 684€

say hi to_ Rachel Comey Funnel Neck Pullover

Rachel Comey Funnel Neck Pullover | Take the art out on the streets | 400€


Araks Lara Bralette | Some bold colors and luxurious materials for underneath | 127€


Trademark Corduroy Hi-Waisted Pant | The perfect casual work pant | 325€


Maslo Jewelry Baseline Bracelet Moss | All black and that one statement piece | 39€

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