Post Milan: Keeping the Creative Vacations Going This Summer in Europe

Post Milan: Keeping the Creative Vacations Going This Summer in Europe

So Milan Design Week was not only a few months worth of design exhibits and inspiration packed into one week but a breeding ground for creative discussions, new partnerships, friendships and meeting place for creative collaborators for our little niche of the world. I think I got more fun, business AND creative discourse packed into one week, than I do in the span of two or three months in here in Paris (but then again maybe I need to get out more?).

After Milan Design Week I thought to myself "There must be a way for us to connect in person, have fun and learn - preferably in a sunny, beautiful vacation spot this summer....". As my fellow Europeans already know, summer in Europe is about v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n, holidays, spending time with friends and family and relaxing. If you are in Europe, you may as well pack your bags and choose somewhere to go because there won't be much work for you during our short summer. I'm urging my sometimes TOO hardworking (am I French yet??) American compatriots to take a break this summer and join us for a creative vacation in Europe. Well I am inviting all of you, say hi to_ doesn't discriminate, I just feel like my American homies may need more convincing to ditch the office than others ;)

My research and suggestions kept in mind that some of us can only justify that time off if we are being productive... so I found the PERFECT events, workshops, experiences to vacay while still being productive, inspired and surrounded by likeminded people in our little corner of the design world here in Europe this summer.

Hope to see you on my summer long design tour of Europe! I'll be posting my top five summer design plans (in order of when they are happening) throughout this week so keep checking back to get the scoop!


April 24, 2017


say hi to_ Creative Vacations 2017

Creative Vacations 2017

European Edition


I. Villa Noailles
          Design Parade Festival
          June 29-July 2nd
          Toulon + Hyères, France

II. Made Lab by Formafantasma
          8 Days 8 Workshops
          July 24 - July 31st
          Sicily, Italy

III. Domaine de Boisbuchet
          Creative Workshops in a French Château
          June - September 2017
          Lessac, France

IV. Insitut de Français
          French Language Bootcamp
          June 5-30th, July 3-28th, Aug 7-Sept 1st
          Nice, France

V. Villa Lena
         Artist Residency and Agritourism
        All Summer
         Tuscany, Italy

say hi to_ Creative Vacations 2017

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