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I’m always drawn to furniture design, illustration and fine art that walks the line between functionality and surrealism in some way, between eccentricity and minimalism. Much of Argentinian illustrator, Mariano Pascual’s work, is just that. I would describe his work at first glance as a series of sophisticated forms and objects in flat primary colors, surrealistic aspects and a dash of Memphis Design.

Mariano grew up in Argentina and moved to Barcelona, Spain to pursue his career in design. Oftentimes drawing inspiration from areas such as science, geometry, philosophy and celestial objects; his work interprets these themes through surrealistic and fictional spaces using a vectorial language.

I found his work through ’36 days of Type’, a project which invited designers, illustrators and graphic designers to interpret the alphabet in their graphic style. I loved his playful interpretation and mix of colors and textures. I was really interested to see how his style would translate in our ‘Design Studies’ project.

When presented with three designers to choose from, Mariano chose DANIEL & EMMA. When asked what drew him to them he told us "Daniel & Emma products captivated my attention for their simplicity, colors and the playful way of communication. I decided to choose them because I think we share the same passion and admiration for the oriental world, both modern and classic in style. Their color palettes fit quite well with the colors I am used to using, also their geometric shapes and lines make me empathize and identify with the creative duo."

Have a look at his interpretation of DANIEL & EMMA’s simple and bold furniture below!



March 29, 2017

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