Jonathan Niclaus x Antti Lovag

Jonathan Niclaus

The digital illustrations coming from Jonathan Niclaus hint at a nostalgia stemming from 1970's and 1980's advertisements, movie posters and vinyl covers with a contemporary twist. There is a subtly sexiness to his organic shapes, feminine lines, tropical relics and hues mixed with a touch of surrealism. I was instantly in love. I was really interested to see how Jonathan's definitive style would translate in our 'Design Studies' series, taking inspiration from an architectural source.

Jonathan was born and raised in Düsseldorf, Germany and went on to move to the England to work for a graphic design studio. He has since moved back to Berlin where he currently lives and works. 

Although Jonathan's work is digital in nature, it retains a very hand crafted quality to it which gives it a certain level of depth and intrigue considering the mediums he works with. He states  "I often start with pencil sketches so my work is infused with a traditional aesthetic. This is especially important to me as my final artwork is digital. I have moved away from perfect vector shapes — imperfect forms and ‘mistakes’, together with different textures, help me conjure an artisanal feel in the final piece."

We presented him with three architects and furniture designers for him to choose Antti Lovag. When asked about what drew him to Antti, Jonathan responded with "I have chosen Antti as my inspiration because of his very organic shapes. Depending on light and time of day, the buildings create a magical atmosphere seemingly not from this planet. For my illustrations I wanted to focus on the play of light, shadows and reflection affecting the individual appearance of the building."

I was more or less waiting on the edge of my seat to see the final result of this series. I love Antti Lovag's iconic 'Palais Bulles' or 'Bubble Palace', created for Pierre Cardin in the South of France and could not wait to see Jonathan's unique take on it. Have a look at the stunning final result below!


Antti Lovag

March 6, 2017

say hi to_ Jonathan Niclaus x Antti Lovag

Antti Lovag, Inspiration


The Result

say hi to_ Jonathan Niclaus x Antti Lovag

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