Hiroyuki Ishii x Oscar Niemeyer

Hiroyuki Ishii, Illustrator

We found Hiro's work a few months back and were transfixed by his playful, minimalistic meets Dr.Seuss-eque candy hued scenes. An illustrator based in Tokyo who takes to illustration to visualise dreamscapes.

It was so charming and simple yet sophisticated in it's own out-of-this-world way. We wanted to collaborate with him for quite some time and thought it would be super interesting to see how he translated the work of a renowned furniture designer or architect.

His usual scenes which are busy with surrealistic animals and building structures would be a start contrast to a lot of the contemporary design we feature which is exactly why we were so intrigued to see how he would translate the work of Oscar Niemeyer!

When presented with three designers to choose to draw inspiration from, Hiro chose Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, because he states "Oscar Niemeyer has always been an inspirational architect for me. His Alta Chair has a very cute figure, it looks like a little monster with those two buttons on cushion. So I drew it as the main motif and placed it in scenes I’m dreaming of."

Have a look at Hiro's translations of Niemeyers work below!


Oscar Niemeyer

November 9, 2016

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Oscar Niemeyer, Inspiration

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The Result

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