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To jumpstart your creative juices for 2017, the January round-up features designers and artists that run the spectrum from soft and fuzzy fiber art to the graphic lines of Brutalist architecture and a fashion designer's sculptural furniture. A dreamy photography series featuring floating installations of everyday objects and ethereal, pastel paintings will hopefully help get your creative daydreams flowing freely into the new year!


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Leah Ring

Los Angeles

January 9, 2017

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Alise Anderson

Alise Anderson is an Oakland-based artist who has a breadth of artistic talents, including video art and modern dance, and she recently showed a collection of gorgeous hand tufted textile pieces at West Coast Craft fair that stopped me in my tracks. Using muted colors and a playful juxtaposition of texture, her pieces are at once whimsical and serious and are a welcome addition to any design lover's collection.

www_ aliseanderson.com



The Brutalist Architecture movement flourished between the 1950's and the 1970's, so it's no surprise that the Los Angeles area has many of these fortress-like cement structures scattered throughout the city. If you're looking for something to do on a rainy day (which we've actually had lately!), you can take yourself on a self-guided tour of Brutalist Architecture buildings in the area thanks to a handy guide on the Los Angeles Conservancy site. A few of my favorites are the Braille Institute and the Glendale Municipal Services building. 

www_ laconservancy.org


Cindy Zell

Cindy Zell is a multidisciplinary artist who creates beautifully minimal fiber-based sculptures. Her large-scale sculptures employ a subtle use of color and in most cases display a graceful asymmetry, conveying a sense of both movement and stillness to the viewer. Zell also created WKNDLA which features wood, brass and fiber wall hangings and sculptural accessories more sharply geometric and playful in form.

www_ cindyzell.com



Los Angeles-based Kanimambo is an independent art bookstore offering an expertly curated selection of books on subjects ranging from Russian criminal tattoos to the work of James Turrell to vegan Ethiopian food. If you're ever stuck on a gift to buy for a creative friend, look here first and you'll be sure to find something interesting that you likely can't find elsewhere.

www_ kanimambo.tictail.com


Rick Owens Furniture - MOCA

Renowned fashion designer Rick Owens showcases his broad array of artistic talents in his current exhibition at the PDC MOCA titled Rick Owens: Furniture. Created in collaboration with Owens' long time partner and driving creative force, Michèle Lamy, the exhibition features a collection of Owens' furniture, sculptures and videos which draw from a range of creative inspirations including brutalist architecture, modernist design and minimalism. Owens' monochromatic and geometric furniture is elegantly crafted using a variety of luxe materials such as alabaster, bronze and marble, resulting in beautifully sculptural pieces that walk the line between fine art and design. (On view through April 2, 2017.)

www_ moca.org/exhibition/rickowensfurniture


Thomas Jackson

Photographer Thomas Jackson's series 'Emergent Behavior' features everyday objects such as plastic cups and straws suspended in mid-air forming groupings that are meant to emulate self-organizing systems such as flocking birds, swarms of locusts or schooling fish. By juxtaposing the manufactured and the natural, Jackson aims to explore the fascination with these natural phenomena and has created a stunningly beautiful photo series in doing so. 

www_ thomasjacksonphotography.com



Wh(ORE)haus studio is the brainchild of former model Meyghan Hill, who started her design firm after a bad breakup and channeled her energy into creating things with a blowtorch. Her provocative yet elegant furniture is mostly comprised of metal and stone, sometimes incorporating leather elements that hint at bondage and give one the sense that Meyghan really enjoys what she does. Part of the thriving DTLA maker scene, wh(ORE)haus studios consistently churns out work that's a perfect blend of raw and polished and seeing a beautiful, strong woman wield a blow torch like a pro is just the icing on the cake. 

www_ whorehausstudios.com




Jordan Sullivan - The Divine Nothing

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The Divine Nothing is an exhibition currently on view at MAMA Gallery showcasing the work of Los Angeles based artist and writer Jordan Sullivan. The exhibition features paintings, photographs and sound collages which employ experimental techniques to create ethereal images of landscapes and pastel light reflections.

date_ On view through January 21st
www_ jordan-sullivan.com

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